Is Fear Killing, Stealing and Destroying Your Life?

This is to good not to share!
Thanks Karen Fairhurst for sharing this.  It is well written.  

After many years of a life of many types of abuse, fear used to make decisions for me and opportunities were killed, stolen or destroyed.  

I have purposefully worked on overcoming and breaking fear from my past and it’s control on m.  

It is essential for me to soar in my new career and to be able to help others.

Here’s what Karen shared: 


I was recently working with a girl who was genuinely interested in joining my business talk herself out of it because she was scared. It made me so sad for her.

Turns out, joy is a scary feeling. When we find ourselves in a moment so happy and beautiful, the only thing our brain knows how to do is prepare us for the crash landing.

What could go wrong? How will this get messed up? What is the worst possible outcome of this wonderful scenario?

We celebrate our friends so easily because their joy isn’t a risk to us. It isn’t SCARY.

But we talk down to ourselves because OUR joy is downright terrifying.

I mean, what would happen if we believed we were beautiful? What would happen if we celebrated our OWN talents? If we loved our bodies and our minds? If we allowed ourselves to fly?

Well, sometimes things that fly fall down. And that hurts like hell. So, I guess that’s what could happen.

Maybe that’s why, instead of letting ourselves take that risk to be joyful, we say “Nope. You stay put. Right there. Where it’s miserably safe. If you already believe you are a failure, then failure doesn’t hurt, now does it?”

Keep ya head up girl. We’re gonna keep working on it. You will feel joy even if it’s not with my teamโค๏ธ


so are there areas you are ready and/or need to break free from fear?

Are you ready to break free and link arms with me and use your strengths and passions to support a project that harmonizes with who you are?

I’d adore linking arms with you and breaking free from the fear holds of the past, give me a shout!

As always ...

I’m passionate about Standjng the Gap from where you are to where you can and want to be!

Freedom Rocks!

Humility Truths


This word has been used by some to bully and manipulate people into thinking, doing, believing things that are not truth. To force people to give up their identity or created purposeful passion that was in conflict of another’s desired goals and intentions.  

Humility is not meant to bind or hinder.  

Humility opens you up: 

  • to grow and expand
  • to be open to see yourself not as you do but as God does
  • to be able to do and be more

I adore what Jesse Duplantis shared: 

Humility isn’t putting yourself down; humility is knowing that what God thinks is higher in rank than what you think. 

It’s not only lifting others up and seeing them as wonderful, but it’s also seeing yourself as God’s wonderful handiwork, too.

Call To Action: 

1) Where are you getting in your own way of forward movement? 

2) Where do you need to be open to see yourself as God sees you? 

3) Are you ready to change? 

I adore praying, praising and celebrating with you. 

Drop a note in the comments or go to and send me a private message! 

As always ... 

I am here passionately Standing The Gap from where you are to where you can and want to be! 

Be Blessed! 

But ... whatโ€™s your limit?

But ... whatโ€™s your limit?

After seeking my steps for my day, this post by Jesse Duplantis came before my eyes.

Talk about getting popped on the back of the head.  (Did your grandma or dad every do that to you when you were growing up to get you thinking a d moving? ๐Ÿค—)

Well, friend, it still happens ... at least in my life.  

I have people laid on my heart to reach out to, to connect with, to speak life and encouragement to, to offer a hand up, to share an opportunity or two ... and I say, yes I will contact them.  And then life happens and controls my time and energy instead of me controlling my time and energy.  

I coach others about this while I’m also improving and coaching myself.  

With every BUT I use or start a sentence (excuse) with ... I always find a limiting belief from my past (some distant and some not so distant, i mean like  so fresh it still reeks of the essence!) that is behind my holding back or choice of failing instead of moving forward.  

Talk about accountability ... 3 little letters ... heap load piles of accountability! 

Here’s Jesse’s words that are speaking to me this morning.  Thanks Jesse! 


 Life isn’t about standing still; it is about moving forward. With God you really are either moving ahead or falling behind. If you want to move ahead with God in your life and receive His best, you’ve got to give up your “but...”! You must allow God to purge you of past fruit—whatever or whoever that may be!

Yesterday’s fruit isn’t the focus anymore. Today and tomorrow are what’s important. Take a minute and go read what  Philippians 3:13-14 says about it.


So let’s get moving! 

Share below or in my chat groups where you are choosing and putting action into no longer being blocked and putting action into moving forward? 

If you’re led to connect with me today ... then your on my schedule, I’m waiting to encourage and bless you!  

No more BUTS! 

Are you focusing on your gifts & strengths or your insecurities and weaknesses?

You choose where to put your focus, time, and energy.

You choose what and how others see you and what you are communication.  

Stretching out of my comfort zone because that’s where growth happens ... Here’s a snapshot of the black heart on my nose.  

What are you purposefully doing to focus and grow your giftings and strengths in your life? 

Heart Reflections: FREE WILL

Heart Reflections:  FREE WILL

Today it has been brought home yet again the important of KNOWING who God says you are and your place in His Kingdom. 


No matter how much you desire, how long you wait in hope, anticipation, and expectation, how much you bend over and do in action and deeds … you can NOT make anyone else see you or value you as you desire and esteem to be in their life.  


They are human and have been given FREE WILL to choose for themselves what they desire to allow and fill their life will.  


When you know and stand in your identity and worth, you can stand confident and firm even when those you love and hold dear still do not see you as God sees you.  It’s not that they are being mean or trying to hurt you.  They just do not know you … yet.   To know and see you as God sees you is to love, value and cherish you.   


Love them, pray for them, and stand strong in knowing your identity and worth to God.  Do not try to take on their lack of identity and rob yourself from being who you are.   


It’s okay to maintain hope that your loved one will come to the point of being open to have eyes to see and love you as God does.   


However, ultimately, its their loss.  


DO NOT sell your self short or give up … just because a fellow human isn’t where you are.  





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