Sell? Give? Burn? Trash?

Please share your ideas! 

I do not want to leave a 30 x 50 shop of stuff that has been moved around who knows how many times and been in boxes for how many generations.  

So …

What …

Do …

I …

Do With IT ? ! ? 


Time and energy is priceless.  You can’t get it back or even resell it.  

Big ticket items … okay, sell. 

But all the small things … forgive me now if I have ever bought some small thing and given to you just because and it was not something that was specific to your spark and passion and generally consumable!!! 

I could just through things away and no one would know. 

I know there are people in need, and we support them in many ways. 

However, what’s the accountability of giving something to another because I want it gone, it’s cluttering and depleting space, time and energy?  

I’m thinking if it’s been weighing me down for years … why would I give that to another to do the same to them?  

How many things did we accept or lay claim to because we thought we were in a financial lacking position so it somehow added value or identity to our lives to have the object to clean and move? 

Our identity isn’t in THINGS! 

So … please comment what you would do! 

Thanks in advance! 

Michelle Wendt

Blessing of Manifesting Life Givers

I may or may not be have shared here before.  However, the fact is ... today I am called to share this blessing.
In today’s world, there is a constant drain from activity -yes, even with current imposes restrictions -, expectations, noise, etc.

We need to be aware of who we allow into our inner circle AND who we have around us.
If they are giving healthy energy, laughter, encouragement, positive feedback ... if they are linked with purpose to support and give you life to be whom you are beat at and excel in ... Receive, Link arms with them, KEEP THEM!

If they are killing, stealing, and destroying your peace, joy, dreams, visions, energy, love, ...  CUT TIES and set them on the curb with the trash to be picked up and healed with the rest of the rot and decay. (Yes this may include famiky members, long time friends and others.)  Some things can grow into something beautiful in the rot and decay ... compost pile ... other things ir people just decay and become part of the soil again where the good nutrients are taken to help grow and foster new starts.  

Make your choices wisely, your present day, future and legacy are being built on them.  

I am passionate about Standing The Gap between where you are and where you can and want to be!

Be blessed!