Brilliant or Burnt Out — YOU Choose!

In a World of whispers, shouts, bells, whistles, flashing lights, neon signs, “but wait there’s more!” opportunities and  uniquely designed options than one person can see, do, touch, hear, experience.

Your first answer should always be a resounding, automatic No.


Look for a reason or unction or a Why to say ... Yes.

Look at what is being offered or expected from you ...


Measure it against your purpose.

Does it fit well with your path of focus? 

Does it play well and harmonize with the other things going on in your life? 

Does it ignite the excitement and energy of your inner most passion? 

Does the journey and outcome of the opportunity out weigh the energy it demands? 

Is it worth giving up or trading out other things for? 

Does it leave room for or even immediately bring regrets? 

Will you have regrets at the end of your life ... if you don’t do it? 

If you’re spending your energy and time doing everything then you miss out on the joy and strength of doing what you are purposely created to do and the World misses out on the blessings that overflow from you.

Say No.

Choose your Yes wisely.

Brilliantly Shine as the Light you were created to be. 

You are only promised today. 

You are the one that sets the limits on your unlimited potential. 

So what’s your purposed response going to be? 

A “Yes” with a dread and No in your heart that drains, depletes, and sucks the life out of you leaving you nothing to give to those you love or even to yourself. Worse yet, it brings a negative attitude that you sow into all those around you? 


A well chosen, life giving, fire igniting “YES” that invests into your passion and greatest good for your life? 

Every action you take and word you speak changes the atmosphere around you ... for you or against you. 

It’s your World. 

It’s your life you’re living. 

It’s your legacy impact. 

What are you purposefully choosing?

How Do You Show Appreciation To Yourself?

How Do You Show Appreciation To Yourself?
Share below things you do to show appreciation for yourself!  Inquiring minds want to know. 

Be Blessed!

Who are you letting set your pace?

Another glimpse from a day on the road ... 

This day, this day I totally adored following the outstanding, white Ford F-350 dually with the Yamaha 450 in the back.  Why? Because these pace setters that were leading me ... are my superior warrior sons who have launched well from the mantle their dad and I have raised high for them.  Following them and letting them set the pace is leading from behind.  Just like my main mentor and example that I step by step follow in His leading as I am able. It's also how I choose to manage business and practice.

However, I will say, that during my hours of insight and pondering time, I did have some awareness of things that I'm allowing to impact, lead or push my life that no longer support and some quite possibly were never for me from the very beginning.  Freedom when breaking bondages feels and tastes so sweet! 

Your Challenge Ponder Question:
Who or what is leading and setting the pace in your life?
Are they for you or for themselves? 

I adore when you share your insights.  

I am passionate about supporting you on your journey.

I am passionate about Standing The Gap.

Be Blessed, 


Stage 1 Alert override results in unpreparedness

Wow!  As you can from watching my vlog post: 

Stage 1 Body System Alert Exercise completed.  
Total pass on noticing the alert.  
Epic fail on putting the alert into action.  
Learned a valuable lesson.

My response: 
1)   Taking and celebrating my win with the growth in being alert.  
2)   Making notes and focusing more on the Stage 1 alert response. 

Your Challenge Question:  
What and How are you growing and developing in your life? 

Share below, I adore celebrating with you and supporting you on your journey.  

I am passionate about Standing The Gap from where you are to where you can and want to be.

Be Blessed!


Sunshine, Raindrops and Pine - It’s a Great Day!

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