Have limits but willing to be stretched beyond?

I have the pleasure of knowing and getting to work with some amazing people in my life.  
I take pleasure in watching this young man’s growth and getting to be a supporter, encourager and motivator in his life.

He recently received a promotion and here’s his experience at this time in his life:  

Honestly, I was more excited to hit Builder than I was for Gold!

I wasn’t expecting to hit Builder! I knew I was going to hit Gold! 

For those of you just starting! This really started for me less than 3 months ago! 

My goal was to earn $300 my first month! I didn’t believe any of this was possible for me! 

I struggled for SEVEN LONG YEARS before this! 

People are giving up after 3 weeks because they haven’t hit a rank yet! You watch all of your friends climb to the top of the company year after year while you’re stuck at the same rank for 6 years! 

That will never happen here, because what we have here is DIFFERENT! 

I am so grateful for every person on this team, and I’m so proud of everyone as well! If you don’t have a sign up yet, be proud that you said yes to this opportunity! You’re already further ahead than the people who said no or quit! 

I’ve been with this company for about 3 months, but I’ve been preparing for this for 9 years! 

Don’t compare yourself to me or anyone else! Use today as inspiration for where you will be at during some point in 2021!

 I would have rather struggled for 3 months getting my first sign up with Q than regret what could have been if I never tried.

 I wasted 6 weeks avoiding Jamie before coming to a zoom call! 

I will be the #9 Diamond in the company, and I’m not taking a day off until I get there! 

We have so many amazing people on this team, people we haven’t even been able to meet face to face yet, because they just signed up today! 

When I started, Jamie was Bronze and Jena was Gold! I was like, that’s pretty cool, I just want to earn my money back and learn from them! 

I haven’t missed a 7:30 zoom call since I started on January 7th! I show up every day,

 I say yes 99% of the time when someone asks something of me, and I’m here for every single person on this team!

Let’s do this!

Congratulations Dylan on your promotion.
Thanks for sharing.

This is only one of many stories that I get to hear on a daily basis.

I am blessed to get to Stand The Gap from where you are to where you want to be.  

Reach out by clicking the contact me and send me a message of how I can stand with you.  

Be blessed!

Exercising or Creatively doing the motions?

Exercising or Creatively doing the motions?
I adore hearing your insights and testimonies!
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Be blessed! 

Praising or Complaining?


Friday our plans got changed in a great way.  I had the choice to either:

Embrace the change, go after the good and give praise and thanks with all the twists and turns …


Complain, resist the new direction, stress and fret through the whiteout snow storm, being awake all night driving through the night, the long empty dark unfamiliar highways, no open gas stations or truck stops, straps coming undone and things coming off the back of our trailer, forgetting to eat supper and in the quickness of the direction changes instead of packing snacks for the drive they got packed the grocery containers in the packed in the back, and … well you get the picture.  

I am so grateful that I chose to embrace the change with excitement and anticipation of what goodness was coming.  

Yes, the whiteout snowstorm in the dark of the night, on highways unfamiliar, with vehicles and tracks going off onto the side of the road still yielded extreme beauty and insight.  It was absolutely gorgeous as the whiteness wrapped itself tighter around our world.  It was insightful as looking straight ahead was absolutely blinded with nothingness but white … however, looking at an angle towards the side of the road yield a small window of visual to help keep us moving forward.  Even if it was at 8 mph in a 70-mph zone.  

It was a life lesson experience.  Just as in the storm when all is blocked with only whiteness.  The challenges and storms of life can often blind us if we get focused on the challenge or storm instead of looking around the challenge and looking from a different perspective to keep moving forward.  

There were sections that we couldn’t even make out where the road was … but our needs were met before we even knew that we would be traveling on this highway, in the middle of the dark night, in the middle of a whiteout snowstorm, pulling a 26’ trailer.   Yes, our needs were met.  When we couldn’t see where the road was, we were still able to keep moving forward.  Yes, it was at a reduced speed … way reduced.  But we were still moving forward and thanks to the “rumble bars” we knew when we got to close to the edge or the center line.  We even had technology that somewhat helped us know the lay of the highway … which without the visual at times might have been a tad deceiving but that was not an issue because we had the “rumble bars” to keep us within our boundaries.  

Yes, I was giving praise and thanks for the “rumble bars” and for GPS.  Yes, I was honored and speaking affirmations into my amazing husband and son who were driving instead of sleeping.  Yes, I was giving thanks and praise for the days ahead and the blessings and rewards that were bringing us through this growing experience.  

Today’s challenge:  

Are you choosing to live today with a POSITIVE perspective or a NEGATIVE perspective?

What “rumble bars” are in place to help keep you in your boundaries and moving forward in your purposed calling and life why achievement?

Are you grateful for them and using them?

I adore when you share your insights.  I vote your victory and speak grace and peace from the most High into your life and your day.   May you be blessed with extra joy and thankful from the inside out that overflows to all that you interact and connect with today.  

Be Blessed!



How I maintained peace and my faith on Election Day

How I maintained peace and my faith on Election Day

Randy and Josiah came home from school shortly after my online Prayer Bible Study ended last night.  

My husband kissed me ... maybe before or after he turned the TV on to FOX to watch election results. 

I quickly asked about how his class went (he’s teaching two nights a week) and got the run down.  Then I told him, with love,  that I was going to take one of my research books and go to our room and study as I did not want to watch the election comments.  

He was a little confused as he knows my heart, special prayer time and declarations i have been purposeful in speaking authority into for this election.  

Some times he totally surprises me as he offered to turn them off.  

I told him that it was fine if he wanted to watch them. I would grab my Peace and Calm oil and Calm CBD roll-on (yes it’s a double the calm support night as my legacy’s future life is greatly impacted by today’s  outcome.) put my Wholetones music on via headphones and do some  research study. 

He still had that confused, questioning look.  I further explained that I was standing on my faith and beliefs and listening to the speculations and all the hype robbed my energy, my peace and quite honestly opened me up to doubts and what if’s ... which is my faith and belief under attack by the enemy.  Thus I had to purposefully shut out the “world hype and speculation” to keep my solid faith stance and proclamations of belief.  

Ponder Point: 

Are there things in your life that are filling your ear, impacting your thoughts and decaying your faith and belief?

What do you go to stay strong?  

Please share your insights below.

Weather Changes and Life Challenges

Weather Changes and Life Challenges

I adore how every day life brings insight and inspiration to encourage and feed us to keep us moving onward and upward.   

In my journey of doing my best to make wise, Christ led decisions on how, what and who to share and spend my energy and resources with so that I live a life filled blessings and not regrets ... I do my best to be sensitive to the world around me.  

Yet even with my intent purpose I still find myself getting so focused or distracted by things that I miss the blessing, the beauty or the miracle of the moment.  

I ponder that I, with my purposes intent to be aware, still miss so much either because I’m choosing not to see or because I’m feeling not worthy to receive so much blessing.  

Imagine what one, who is so focused on the grindstone of the World that they don’t  even disconnect from technology while walking briefly in the outdoors to their vehicle from their residence or office ... misses out on.  

I shudder and ask forgiveness and have to purposefully give myself forgiveness for my days of lost identity when I worked in the corporate world starting my day in my office while it was dark outside and ending my day while it was again dark outside and start the same routine a few hours later the next day. 

Yes I was helping and serving people with providing and caring for their needs ... but I was not always providing them with fresh “living water” that is most important. 

It’s impossible to share with others what you are not continually filling yourself with.  

You can truly only give and serve others with what you have in abundant overflow in your life.  

If you don’t have a constant inner spring refilling your Living water then your well will run dry and there will be no Joy springing forth from your inner being.  There will be no love or compassion overflowing to embrace and blessing others with.  

I purposefully choose this day: 

To seek His leading in my focus and steps of the day.  

To ground myself in creation and soak up the energy and encouragement of the beauty surrounding me.  

To initially look for and see what was created to provide my needs and fulfill my delights.  


What are you choosing to fill and spend your gift of today’s 24 hours or 1,440 minutes on? 

Do you like what you are harvesting from the time you were given to invest and spend? 

I adore hearing your testimonies and aha moment stories. 

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