Anguish? Limbo? Obliterated? Sorcery?

Anguish? Limbo? Obliterated? Sorcery?
Our current social challenge is stirring up so many different feelings and emotions.  

For some, this is a time of Ecstacy. A time of being open and willing to accept the truth.
A time of trust. A time of being Divinely guided.
A time of Euphoria. A time of your head and heart being connected.
A time of growth and expansion of knowing and being a better you. 

For others, this is a time of Anguish.  A time of suffering. 
A time of Limbo. A time of waste. A time of no direction.  
A time of Obliteration. A time of loss of identity. A time of nothingness.
A time of sorcery.

As I have shared in the past, our body has an intricate alarm system that alerts us so we can come against the areas that are breached and take control. 

We are our own best advocates because we know and hear our body like no one else can.
Even better!  
Are you ready for this?


We get to choose life or choose death.  

We even have tools that we can use and master to help us succeed in everything thing we do.  

Today's video gives some tips on how to use one of the Tools in our Life Toolbox to help overcome the negative and firmly stand in the positive mental and emotional stance. 

This just makes me want to dance! 
(Which my dancing tends to bring laughter ... and in my books laughter is good especially when I'm laughing with you.)

I'm choosing to thrive during this time of fear hype and rights tampering decisions made by our leaders.
I'm choosing to live freely.
For me, this is a nesting time.  
A time to clean out the clutter. Time clutter, physical clutter, emotional clutter.  
It's a time of Freedom gain.  
It's a time of relationship restoration and restoring.
It's a time of honing and mastering current skills and new skills.
It's a time of nurtured growth.
I'm TOTALLY THRIVING and adoring helping others break free from the past and thriving themselves. 

How are you choosing to use and walk out this gift of "time out" that has been given to you? 
Post your comments, I adore hearing where you are at and how I can encourage and support you. 
Anguish Limbo Obliteration Sorcery Ecstacy Trust Divinely Led Euphoria Standing The Gap Life Toolbox

Michelle's Daily Insight - Ezra 10:4

Michelle's Daily Insight - Ezra 10:4

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Today's Diving Board:  “Arise; for the matter belongs to you, and we are with you. Be courageous, and do it.” Ezra 10:4 WEB


Today’s For Such A Time as This Garden of Eden:  


Essence:  Melrose, Lemongrass, Black Pepper, Aroma Life, Fennel, Marjoram, Egyptian Gold, Lady Sclareol, SARA, Acceptance

Emotional & Mental Support:  


Overcomes Negative Perspective –  Impatience, Injury, Resentment, Should, Being in a Black Hole, Aloneness, Disconnected, Suspicious, Unfulfilled, Authority figure power, Misuse of will, Abuse, Rejection, Expectations, Don’t belong, Embarrassed, Insecurity, Misperception, Sorrow


Promotes Positive Growth Perspective – Adaptability, Flexible, Healing, Embracement, Wanted, Spontaneous, Guided, Surrounded, Protected, Acceptance, Secure, Connected, Honest, Safe, Awareness of identity & purpose, Spiritual alignment, Divinely directed, Nurtured, Acceptance, Appreciating, Complete within self, Acceptance, Self value, Embraced, Success, Understanding, Peace, Balance      


Today, today … there are few words that can express where my heart is being wretched, torn, refined.  As I look at the For Such A Time As This Garden I have deeper understanding of the levels that I’m being stretched and grown.  And yes, this helps me as I “feel the burn” throughout my body into my muscles.   Some days it is easier to look at the positive perspective.  Other days, the enemy is so ruthlessly attacking that you feel like an elephant is sitting on top your straw while you are underwater.  

Great thing is … 

          Feelings are not TRUTH.     

                    Feelings are not LEADERS.  

                              Feelings are not to guide you.  

The Word is TRUTH.  

          The Word Leads.  

                    The Word will not fail you.  

Ever  grateful to have The Word as my life preserver while I am doing as The Word says and “Arise”ing, "Being Courageous" and most importantly "Doing" as the matter is mine and I get to exercise my authority and empower whichever troop of angels I choose.   

Today … 

         today … 

                   TODAY I CHOSE God’s ministering Angels!!!  

May He be glorified.  So Be It.     


I am ever grateful for His Such A Time As This Garden of Eden* today during my study time to support my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being as I am being challenged and stretched  during my time of study.  I am grateful for these declarations to stand on in preparing for and during the midst of the battle.    


I know, I say this every time, some would say its "random" selection but I know who leads me and prepares my daily Garden for me to walk with Him in.  My heart is so filled with joy at almost how much I am loved and trusted to do what He is leading me to do.  I am humbled at the care He took in creating the emotional and mental growth support for today.  It was as always … spot on with where I am walking in life today.  


Thank you for honoring me with your time.  Besides following my Standing The Gap blog, subscribing to my Standing The Gap YouTube channel, attending a class or retreat, purchasing written materials, your purchase of any of the above essential oils from myself or one of our Be Healthy His Way Associates helps support our family business which helps support my being able to freely walk in my purposed calling in SEEING (Supporting, Educating, Empowering, Inspiring, Nurturing and Growing) others.  


Blessings to You!


Oil Information/Connection:


Smart Spectrum CBD:  (Solution for people who want the health but need to 100% pass a drug test.)

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