I am so glad you are here!

We have most likely already met in passing on the street, in a parking lot, a store, through mutual friends or via the virtual world. If this is a Divine connection then I know within minutes it will be like we’ve known each other forever.  (In a good way!) If I could, I would hug you!    

I am ...

An Overcomer.
  A wife.
    A mom.
      An Educator.
        A Life Advocate.
          A Practitioner.
            An Encourager.

Western Medicine while powerful ... 
often times is NOT ENOUGH! 

I am PASSIONATE about using my life experiences, family experiences, client experiences, education and research to Stand The Gap from where YOU Are to where you CAN and Want to BE!


Be Blessed!

Michelle Wendt, CAFP, CERT, CRDT, OM

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 Natural Face Lift Longevity 30-Day Challenge

Natural Face Lift Longevity 30-Day Challenge

Come along and join us as we take the Natural Face Lift Longevity 30-Day Challenge!

This is for men and women!
It's pretty easy but the outcome is going to be well worth it.  

Register below to get the link to our exclusive discussion group where we get to post our before pictures, can share praises and ask questions and then .... after 30 days ... share our final pictures!  

We can celebrate together and someone that runs the challenge with us, will come away an even more blessed winner from the Challenge drawing.  Registering and posting of before and after pictures is essential for entry into the drawing.  Every day you post in the Discussion Group will earn you an entry also.  

So get your Longevity and Capsules ready to go and take your before pictures! 

If you don't have an account set up then get with the person who sent you here or go to 1111order.com or StandingTheGap.com to order.  

Make sure and add 1111STGap@gmail.com to your contact list so you don't miss the email with the entry link to the exclusive discussion group. 

Looking forward to being uplifted!

Be Blessed!
Michelle Wendt, CAFTP, CERT, CEFT
YL# 10826206



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Hydration! Naturally its a MUST!

I don't know about where you are; however, here in New Mexico ... it may be in the 40s and low 50's at night but during the day that intense sun comes out and we get in to the arid 90's or more.  

Whether you are working or playing out in the heat Or riding your motorcycle ... 
Hydration and RE-Hydration is an absolute must! 

Many people think the only way to re-hydrate is to drink those drinks that are sugar filled and have dyes added to them besides other potentially toxic chemicals ... YIKES! 

As an Educator, Life Advpcate and Practitioner ... I AM here to tell you that you have options that are NATURAL, taste Great and support your body with natural electrolytes with trace ionic minerals.  AND can you say, NO nasty AFTER TASTE?  

Click on the picture above for a fun video to share information! 

Here's the links:
Click for Vitality Drops Grapefruit Bergamot Pricing and Ordering

Click for Vitality Drops Lavender Lemonade Pricing and Ordering

Let me know which flavor is your favorite! 

I am passionate about Standing the Gap from where you are to where you can and want to be!

Be Blessed!

Michelle Wendt, CAFTP, CERT, CRDT, OM

#OilyBikersLife #NaturalElectrolytes #MichelleWendt #StandingTheGap

Motorcycles and Sunscreen

Motorcycles and Sunscreen

And here’s my vlog testimonial for prepping for a weekend of riding our Harleys in the brilliant sunshine!  Click on the link picture above to watch it. 

As promised in my video ... here's the 11 reasons with the "fun" words that I can't pronounce well and don't want to put on my skin and into my bloodstream. 

Drum roll please ..... 

11 reasons why Young Living’s SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen lotion and Young Living’s SPF 10 Mineral Suncreen Lotion aredifferent from other brands!

1. It contains no avobenzone, oxybenzone, retinyl palmitate, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, PABA and 1,4 dioxane, UV chemical absorbers, synthetic colors, or synthetic fragrances.
o Scientists have found that oxybenzone and octinoxate—chemicals found in some traditional sunscreens—contribute to coral bleaching in the ocean.

2. It’s reef-safe, unlike other commercial sunscreens.

3. Formulated with only naturally derived plant- and mineral-based ingredients.

4. Uses a non-nano particle formula which provides a physical barrier to prevent sunburn without being absorbed in the bloodstream.

5. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this product as an effective broad-spectrum sunscreen.

6. Includes an Essential oil blend of Helichrysum, Lavender, Myrrh, Cistus, Ylang Ylang, Carrot Seed, and Frankincense. (Smells great which is an added bonus when your hot and sweaty!)

7. Provides broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays.

8. Water- and sweat-resistant for 80 minutes.

9. Smooths easily into skin without a white residue.

10. Formulated for those with sensitive skin, including children and babies over 6 months.

11. Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic.

More info:

Click on picture Or highlighted link to order Sunscreen 50 spf  
Click on picture Or highlighted link to order Sunscreen SPF-10

As Always!  I'm passionate about Standing The Gap from where you are to where you can and want to be!  

Be Blessed!

Michelle Wendt, CAFTP, CERT, CRDT, OM
Educator, Life Advocate, Practitioner
#OilyBikersLife #Testimonial #Natural Sunscreen SPF50 #Natural Sunscreen SPF10
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