Writing YourVision List

Writing your vision down is a timeless principle.   

According to Habakkuk 2:2, when it is (1) written down and placed where it can be easily seen, (2) put into your thoughts and the thoughts of those you lead, then (3) you can take action and see the fruits of your action. In other words, once it is written down, a clear process begins to develop as it is made plain.  

Proverbs 29:18 tells us that “Where there is no vision the people perish, but happy is he who keeps the teaching.” Thus, it is important to continually keep it on your mind and share with others and watch as it develops into reality. 

When we don’t write things down, they are quickly forgotten. However, when it is written down, we begin walking in the reward of its success. We are impacted as well as other people’s lives are impacted for the better by the fruits of our success. 

How to Prepare your Vision List:

First off, find a comfortable space with pen and paper, where you can be uninterrupted and able to quite yourself and dream. If you are married and/or have children, doing this together as a family unit is valuable. 

Now, don’t put limits on your self or anyone else, let this be a brainstorm or “desire storm” session where you write any and everything down. You don’t have to know the How, Why or When. You just need to recognize and acknowledge the desire within you. 

Vision Storming session

1.  What do you desire to Give to the Kingdom of God this year? (Remember, you don’t have to rationalize, write down everything that stirs from within big to little, believable to unbelievable.)


2.  Write down everything you owe – every debt, large or small, financial, or material or commitment wise.  (Write down the details i.e. principal, interest rate, payment, etc.)   


3.  If there were no limits (money, time, energy, situations, etc.), what would you like to have or do personally if you had an open door to any and all desires, dreams and impossibilities?  

Keep your session list easily available so you can continually update it with new desires that you discover. I recommend keeping a notebook with 3 dividers: 1 – Kingdom Giving, 2 – Financial Freedom Debt Investor Elimination and 3 – Personal dreams and desires. This is also important to be able to mark off as completed with a date to maintain a written testimony of the blessings you are receiving.  

I encourage you to create a picture board, graphic or some type of visual reminder that will trigger the thoughts and desires in you and others when you see it.  Have each person create their own with images that connect to their heart desires. 

This is important to keep posted in places that you will see and acknowledge it often daily. Post it on your phone, the kitchen, the bathroom, the car, etc.  

When you have a vision testimony however big or small, share it with us and we will celebrate along with you. Send it to 1111STGap@gmail.com and mark it as Vision Testimony.