Another glimpse from a day on the road ... 

This day, this day I totally adored following the outstanding, white Ford F-350 dually with the Yamaha 450 in the back.  Why? Because these pace setters that were leading me ... are my superior warrior sons who have launched well from the mantle their dad and I have raised high for them.  Following them and letting them set the pace is leading from behind.  Just like my main mentor and example that I step by step follow in His leading as I am able. It's also how I choose to manage business and practice.

However, I will say, that during my hours of insight and pondering time, I did have some awareness of things that I'm allowing to impact, lead or push my life that no longer support and some quite possibly were never for me from the very beginning.  Freedom when breaking bondages feels and tastes so sweet! 

Your Challenge Ponder Question:
Who or what is leading and setting the pace in your life?
Are they for you or for themselves? 

I adore when you share your insights.  

I am passionate about supporting you on your journey.

I am passionate about Standing The Gap.

Be Blessed, 



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