For those of you that are not happy with your current situation or life choices … check out the Book of Titus.  Some of you know that I do daily Bible readings and yes, share my insights and bunny trails that come from His leading in my heart.  I am grateful for Faith Life Church our church that we are a part of and are able to continue to be a part of as we journey around the country working and serving.  At Faith Life church, Monday – Friday, we read our daily chapter as a unified body.   That in itself is powerful but what it manifests in us by spending in just a few minutes in the Word edifies us and brings us life in ways we may not know until much further down the road in life.   

These past few days in Titus … well, for those of you that like lists to check off or steps to follow … then this is definitely a book for you.  Who knows! You may even find a pdf check list to be able to print in the future in my Standing The Gap University soon and very soon.  We may think we will remember where something is written or what we are told to do … but then life happens, the trash needs carried out, supper needs fixed, the children are needing snuggles and extra affirmation, your spouse needs to connect and support in being confident in walking the calling in their life, or … you get the picture… there are many demands, distractions, busy works and even good works that can draw us away and impact our ability to remember what we thought we would never forget.  

Today I encourage you to 1) Dive into Titus.  2) Run your daily life tasks and busyness through the checklist filter listed in the Book of Titus.  3) Post your checklist as well as goals and purpose where you can constantly see them to stay focused and on path to close the door and remove the waste that kills, steals, and destroys in your life.  

Share below a step or action that you purposefully took today to bear fruit in your life and your legacy’s.  Pictures are awesome too!  

As always, I am passionate about Standing The Gap by sharing my life and insights to help you get from where you are to where you can and want to be.  

Be Blessed!  


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