Heart Reflections:  When is it ...

So, reflection question to come back and answer in the future. 

When is it, or maybe is it ever okay, to desire to be loved and cherished for who you are and not because of what you can do to meet someone else’s needs and desires? 


Will there ever be a moment that it might be about me or at least in consideration of who I am and my life’s, dislikes, desires, hopes, dreams?


Am I being selfish to want to be loved in my love language?


Am I doing that to God?  Does He feel like I only love Him and spend time with Him to get what I want and desire?


I believe I am not doing that, but am I ... and I don’t realize it? 


I know God lays things on my heart to do, people to reach out to, people to share an opportunity with and I do not.  Quite sure it comes from a sense of unworthiness and fear that they’ll reject me and prove that I’m unworthy even though God says different.   


What do I need to do to STOP fearing man’s rejection and START fear letting God down instead?  


I know He is a God of Love, Mercy, Grace, and Compassion --- but does that make it right for me to chase after other’s approval which I’ve rarely ever gotten or to meet others expectations that I fall short of or that change when I’m almost there to fulfill them? 


Do I fit in and belong anywhere? 


Am I making a difference in the Kingdom?


Am I delusional and wasting my years on Earth?


So … I’m seeking … when is it okay to be hurt and rejected?


When do I give up hope and stop trying?


CRAP.  I guess I don’t have to wait for an answer.  I already know … NEVER.


Jesus came to Earth and lived as a man away from His Heavenly powers except for those that we each, as humans, have the ability to claim and use. 


Jesus experienced every temptation and took on every form of evil so we can have the freedom to choose to be free.  Choose to repent if we do wrong or fall. 


He walked the Earth showing us how to handle every situation we might encounter and live life to our fullest.


Even to this day, He does not turn His back on us, shut the door, hang up, turn off the phone, return our mail or prayers … no matter how much we hurt Him by choosing man over Him.  Again, and again … even after repenting, asking for His forgiveness, asking, and being given a second, third, fourth, fifth … chance.  


We consult and listen to others instead of Him.  He has no personal agenda except to totally be there for us and support us in every way in our success at what we are created to do and be.  


Even to our last dying breath – He is there for us to bridge the Way to eternity with Him in Heaven.  Even if we filled our time on Earth with focusing on everything but Him, His will, and His ways.  


Even the hardest of hearts that’s committed sins – big & little, Christ is there at their beck and call, waiting for the “Forgive me. I repent. I believe. I receive.”  And He and the angels rejoice just as fully for that person as one who’s lived their life on Earth all out for Christ.


So … I can’t fault another for what they can’t or aren’t willing to give.  When I too walk-through challenges that I’m not saying, “Yes Lord and DOING” because of fear of rejection of men.  Or even worse, I’m saying “Yes Lord” with no intention of ever doing what I’m saying YES to.  


And here lays the reason it is the utmost important to know who God says you are.  

To KNOW it.  ACCEPT it.  BELIEVE it.   LIVE it.  When you KNOW and LIVE in who God says you are … you are NOT impacted by what or who others say you are because you are confident and grounded in Truth. You know that they aren’t seeing you as God sees you.  So, they just don’t know you … yet.  


So … Do YOU KNOW who GOD says YOU ARE?  



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