Heart Reflections:  FREE WILL

Today it has been brought home yet again the important of KNOWING who God says you are and your place in His Kingdom. 


No matter how much you desire, how long you wait in hope, anticipation, and expectation, how much you bend over and do in action and deeds … you can NOT make anyone else see you or value you as you desire and esteem to be in their life.  


They are human and have been given FREE WILL to choose for themselves what they desire to allow and fill their life will.  


When you know and stand in your identity and worth, you can stand confident and firm even when those you love and hold dear still do not see you as God sees you.  It’s not that they are being mean or trying to hurt you.  They just do not know you … yet.   To know and see you as God sees you is to love, value and cherish you.   


Love them, pray for them, and stand strong in knowing your identity and worth to God.  Do not try to take on their lack of identity and rob yourself from being who you are.   


It’s okay to maintain hope that your loved one will come to the point of being open to have eyes to see and love you as God does.   


However, ultimately, its their loss.  


DO NOT sell your self short or give up … just because a fellow human isn’t where you are.  






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