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So I wake and get ready to take my son to the airport at 1 am.  I finally wake him at 2:30 am to verify when we are leaving … oops! We don’t leave till 3:30 am.  Off goes the light with an apology and giggle from me.  

When I was preparing to leave the airport I realized I had no clue when he was coming back and my husband and I have plans for the weekend out of town.  

He told me no worries, i was picking him up Tuesday morning at 1 am.  I was like “WHAT! I didn’t sign up for that.”  He laughed and told me he knew I loved him and would be there for him.  

Being a mom and a caregiver, my family knows I will do everything I can to support them in their success of life. 

He’s right … I’ll be there at 1 am to pick him up. 

My heart puffed up like a marshmallow in a microwave (that that I condone microwaves🤭).
It feels great to bace a heart squeeze in the dark hours of the morning from one of hour awesomely adulting children.  

Whats squeezing your heart today? 


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