Winter Blues just met its superior match!
This is my life and I’m gratefully Blessed with the best tools in my Life Toolbox!  It’s MONDAY ­čś«­čśž­čÖä

WINTER  BLUES  Diffuser Blend ...

Let me count the ways your essence blesses and supports me today:

­čÄ»Anxiety becomes CONFIDENCE
­čÄ»Disappointment becomes FREEDOM
­čÄ»Grief becomes HAPPY
­čÄ»Incongruency becomes REAL
­čÄ»Judgment becomes DISCERNMENT
­čÄ»Miserable becomes JOY
­čÄ»Depletion becomes REJUVENATED
­čÄ»Conflict becomes HARMONY
­čÄ»Stress becomes FUN

And what started as a mundane Monday has now impacted my olfactory system and limbic region of my brain and it is now a glorious Marvelous Monday!  

­čÄ»Mundane Monday becomes MARVELOUS MONDAY!  

It’s a total WIN!!!

Oh the joys of learning about supporting health from all dimensions - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Just a few drops of oil, a click of the diffuser and the positive affirmations flow greater with every breath I take.  

What are you filling your environment and body with?  

The Associates want to know ...
What’s in your diffuser?
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