For those that know me … you know I adore reading.  One of my brainstorms has been to read a book alone or in a book club and then share the book.  Today I was thinking of a way to be able to track the books that we 'read and sow' or as Bookcrossing says, 'release'.  When I googled, I found lots of links that didn't apply until I found Bookcrossing.  I am excited to be able to add Bookcrossing to our "Toolbox" to help Stand The Gap impact other's lives.  

So, we are now registered with the username of Standing The Gap with  
Stay tuned as we post books here as we "sow" or "release" them!

If you are a recipient of our sowing  … let us know here and on Bookcrossing! 

This is going to be fun to see where they go!




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