When the wind blows and the waves beat ...

Can you relate to one of those days when ...

... The wind blows so hard you can hear what you can’t see?  

... The waves break against the rocks, eroding them away little by little? 

... The noise is so loud you can’t hear others talk and possibly can’t even hear yourself think?  

Some days these are valid reflections of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.  

Those are the days I stop, hunker in,
sometimes shed some tears and start giving praise for the wind that I can’t see, the energy of the water that doesn’t give up and the sounds that block out everything else.  It’s all in our chosen perspective. 

Today I am purposefully choosing to praise intently for all the things unseen that are happening to assist me in being and doing what I am purposefully created to do.  

I’m also diffusing sacred mountain, lavender, orange, German chamomile  and peppermint to support me from every part of my being ... and boy does it feel like an intense, mega snuggly reassuring hug from my precious mom.  Feelings aren’t leaders but they can sometimes bring about the best memories and reassurances.  

What are you walking out? 
What perspective are you choosing? 
What are you diffusing to support the growth?  

Share below.  We enjoy walking out the growth with you.  


I welcome you and join hands with you to uplift and encourage you in being the best you you can be on your personal journey.  

My MISSION is purposefully STANDING THE GAP from where You ARE to where You CAN and WANT to BE!  

Be Blessed!  

Michelle Wendt

Educator and Whole Life Practitioner



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