Accountability Check point
Celebrating yet another home going.  

My heart is squeezed. Accountability for how I invest my time and energy is audited yet again. Time to be more focused and purposeful about what I say YES to with my time and energy.

FOCUS and BALANCE are my current words. The past couple weeks have driven home the urgency to:

πŸ’œ Know my identity
πŸ’œ Know my purpose
πŸ’œ Focus on my purpose goal of “Well Done”
πŸ’œ Be accountable that I’m doing MY purpose and not neglecting it to help or do someone else’s expectations or demands.
πŸ’œ Love and invest more knee time into my #1 mission field thoroughly so the legacy launches from a higher mantel. 

Do you know your identity and life purpose?

Are you Doing Your Best daily in the smallest details to steward wisely?

Words of wisdom and knowledge on living life abundantly and fully as Christ intended are more than welcome.

Do you have an “ahha moment” that keeps you focused and centered or balanced in your endeavors?


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