Advocates Education: Don’t vaccinate if around cancer patient (St Jude)
Everyone has to make their own decision on health care and everything else in life.  Therefore it is of utmost necessity to get educated so you can be your own best advocate.  

Don’t swallow the marketing backed by pharmaceutical funding without doing your own in-depth research or at least follow and reference the research of moms who out of necessity have had to dig deep to find what’s best and safest for their child.

Here is some solid research written by a mom driven to research answers for her own child. Especially after being told no one around her daughter could be vaccinated with a live virus. That includes the measles vaccine (MMR II and ProQuad), the intranasal flu vaccine, and the chicken pox shot.)

I was a part of the western medicine provider system for over 23 years who helped launch me into the natural health world to help cover and support. I saw patient care and impact via responses. I know the choices our family has made based on research and on first hand hard experience of friends and family.

You are your own best advocate. Research. Get educated.


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