A Homecoming that makes me want to leave again!

A Homecoming that makes me want to leave again!
It’s been a glorious AND stretching 4 day personal, ministry & business trip that turned into 18 days! 

Yip! Packed for 4 day trip 19 hours of which were driving with planned flight home. 

Following the advice of my free financial coach, I took care of some legal business before I left town that involved a notary. 

Eight hours into my 19 hour drive to Kansas, I got a call from my bank saying I needed to come by and pick up my drivers license as it had gotten mixed into some paperwork my mistake. 

Yip … I immediately laughed seeing the humor in it all.  

I’m 8 hours away in my 19 hour drive to transport a vehicle, do some ministry & business connections and fly home.  

Interesting note … you have to have your drivers license to get on the plane to fly … anywhere but especially home.  

Good to know that my bank doesn’t make a practice of mailing IDs to their customers.  

Yet another benefit, praise and testimony of how you choose to live your daily life.  

Thankfully I’m always excited to greet and work with the people at the bank branch I go to.  I compliment them, tell them I appreciate them, laugh with them, bless them.  

Because I choose to spread love and laughter … in a big city and bank that sees lots of people daily … they actually know who I am because of how I make them feel. 

I am very blessed and highly favored. The manager and clerks know me and thus they made allowance to mail me my ID so I could fly home.  

Took 15 days for the United States Postal Service to get it to me … but those were some amazing 15 days of Divine appointments. 

So my 4 day trip became an 18 day trip … and my welcome home from my husband was a first which made my heart full with coming home.  

Here’s a taste of my homecoming: 

So now I ponder … should I stay or should I go? 

Think I can get a repeat cool homecoming reception? 

Well for the record, I have already been praying about whether I continue to travel and do one on one and small group ministry and business building or whether to stay in one location more (that has access to real world wifi lol) and do more online, steaming, live training, ministry &  education for resources and to reach, build, and support more people around the world.  

Figures … when I’m being drawn to more in-person and online sessions with occasional planned retreats … I get a homecoming reception with flowers and a diamond necklace.  

What to do, what to do?!?! 

Share your thoughts in the comments or DM me!

What energizes you?

What energizes you?

Had a new member training this morning for our new business owners.  Meeting them, hearing their goals, whys and areas of stretching ... makes my heart swell with excitement and anticipation at watching these business owners take the steps to get a solid foundation to build their businesses on.

So again, I ask, what energizes you?