April 29th?

April 29th?
Do you really want to know where I was April 29th?

Thanks for asking. That’s an easy one. 

In 2022, I was in the Lake Powell area with my earthly heart throb.

In 1995, I was in Kansas. That day I married my earthly heart throb. 

(April 29th video found at @michellewendt247) 

It’s been a journey of highs and lows, ups and downs, mountains and valleys. 

It’s been a time of growing together and individually. 

It’s been a journey of learning new levels of rewarding peace constantly. 

It’s an ongoing journey of loving and laughing together more each day. 

It’s that sweet and salty combination. 

It’s a journey I might not have chosen at times if I had known brief moments of the journey. 

It’s a journey I am forever grateful I am on and wouldn’t have wanted to miss. 

It’s our journey and the writing of it gets sweeter and more fulfilling each moment. 

It’s a journey that I’m living fully going for the prized “WELL DONE” on a daily basis to confidently know and receive the final coveted WELL DONE with my head held high, looking into the eyes of my Judge with confidence and love. 

Thank you Randy for asking me to be your wife, mother to your children, helpmeat, friend, adventurer and so much more. 

I love you.

Sell? Give? Burn? Trash?

Please share your ideas! 

I do not want to leave a 30 x 50 shop of stuff that has been moved around who knows how many times and been in boxes for how many generations.  

So …

What …

Do …

I …

Do With IT ? ! ? 


Time and energy is priceless.  You can’t get it back or even resell it.  

Big ticket items … okay, sell. 

But all the small things … forgive me now if I have ever bought some small thing and given to you just because and it was not something that was specific to your spark and passion and generally consumable!!! 

I could just through things away and no one would know. 

I know there are people in need, and we support them in many ways. 

However, what’s the accountability of giving something to another because I want it gone, it’s cluttering and depleting space, time and energy?  

I’m thinking if it’s been weighing me down for years … why would I give that to another to do the same to them?  

How many things did we accept or lay claim to because we thought we were in a financial lacking position so it somehow added value or identity to our lives to have the object to clean and move? 

Our identity isn’t in THINGS! 

So … please comment what you would do! 

Thanks in advance! 

Michelle Wendt

Goodbyes & Ruby bring hard insights.

Goodbyes & Ruby bring hard insights.

Today was one of those days you know is coming but are never ready for.  

Today we got to put our sweet Ruby down after blessing our family for 8 years.

Ruby was small but she was mighty, bossing even the biggest around with her sassy attitude.  

They told us she’d maybe live 6 months due to health conditions when we adopted her.  She took her sweet time picking which 6 they were going to be and lived the 8+ years that she did fully. 

Today was yet another reminder that what others say … doesn’t impact you, unless you choose to come into agreement and let it. 

So what do you need to break agreement with and start living your life fully?

Solitude … open in case of emergency

Solitude … open in case of emergency

There are times during this health challenge journey … who am I kidding … during this life of hurt, abuse, manipulation, exploitation, deceit, hard knocks, realities … that the only thing that keeps me breathing and taking the next step forward, is my solitude moments. 

It’s in the solitude that all the could have, should have, got to, need to from others and myself, are allowed to fall away. 

I find that sacred place and I go there, rest, relax and wait for the enlightenment to come.  

The still small voice.  

The clarity of direction and next steps. 

The peace.  

And then … I’m ready to stand strong and take the next step. 

Sharing the journey and supporting caregivers is my passion. 
If even just one can gain insight and help.  
If even just one can break free from the hurts and bondages of their past. 

Then my life is that more blessed by blessing them.

People think I’m crazy because I chose to close my wellness practice and choose to operate from the heart ministering to others in-person, online, at retreats and on the street.  Operating on donations from the heart and purchases from my e-commerce wellness shop.  

 This choice allows me to be free to bless and support any and all in any situation: financial, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. 

My life is all the more blessed and fuller because if it.  

Feel free to DM me, schedule a session, or … 

I am passionate about standing the gap from where you are to where you can and want to be. 

Be blessed! 


Donations via zelle, cash app, venmo, PayPal 
E-Commerce shop: STGap.myQSciences.com
(Dm me for a one on one session for your health goals.) 

Acrostics Challenge for my book on Cancer Hope and Support when Modern Medicine is Not Enough.

Acrostics Challenge for my book on Cancer Hope and Support when Modern Medicine is Not Enough.
Thank you guys for asking!  

Yes, I am excitedly working on my workshops, retreats, books and online courses.  

Yes, I am putting my words onto paper and my husband and sons are probably grateful as at the end of my day when we are all home ... I've spent my word supply for the day ... most of the time.  

Yes, I welcome your prayers, encouragement and support as I pull all the information together into a simple format for each of the many topics.  Some days it can be overwhelming when there are so many people that I know can and will benefit from the wisdom, knowledge, and insights  I have to share.  Its like seeing all the trees in the forest and feeling overwhelmed or lost in getting connected to each one of you that is seeking hope, answers, a better way. 

Today in one of my writing groups I was challenged to pick a word and write an acrostic that goes with it that deals with something or someone in my book.  

So I consulted my inner being on which book and what word and got ...


C - Choosing Life
A - Anchoring on Scripture Promises
N - Nurturing Hope
C - Canceling Limiting Beliefs
E - Emotionally Healing Freedom
R - Rejoicing in Living Your Greatest Life

We tend to joke about many things.   If you know me, then you know I adore laughing.  In my life, laughter is almost equal to breathing.  In my years of research I have read, worked with and spoken with many people from both sides of the health challenge from practitioner to researcher to client to caregiver to family.  I know medical professors who like to add humor to their classroom to lift the atmosphere with laughter and all the good physical benefits that goes with laughter.  I read a story about a professor of medicine  who liked to make jokes about heart attacks when teaching his medical students.   One day he decided to change it up a bit and make some jokes about cancer.  However, no one laughed.  The reason no one laughed is weighted by the limiting belief that Cancer is seen, by most, as a death sentence for all but a very few based on the fact we have no effective conventional treatments.  We have a different attitude about heart disease despite the fact that it kills as many people as cancer.  In fact, cardiovascular disease, which is a subset of heart disease, kills over twice as many people as cancer does.  

In my research and certification processes I have learned much which has given me hope and knowledge that I have shared with my wellness practice clients and associates.  For example, did you know that the average American gets half a dozen serious bouts of cancer during their lifetime without even knowing it?1  Our body is created to heal itself.  When given the proper nutrients and care, our body actually does heal itself.  This means there are millions of people who have overcame cancer and are living a life of health on their own --  including you.  That is exciting news. It means, overall, there are many more natural cancer reversals than there are diagnosed and treated cancer cases.2 Yes, there is HOPE.  Ancient wisdom still holds true today. 

Knowledge is Powerful.  This weighs heavily on my heart  and is a part of why I am passionate about learning, educating and helping you know how to listen to your body and be your own BEST LIFE ADVOCATE.  Looking back, I see how I have spent a lifetime feeding and nurturing my passionate life calling and now ... the requests and needs I am receiving are growing as well as research showing that the current masking is being linked to increased dental cavities and is reporting an increase in cancer diagnosis over the next 5 years.  Right now is the best time to taking steps to becoming your own Best Life Advocate.  No body knows you like you nor will ever DO you like you Do You.  

I'm am excited to get to help encourage and bring hope to those impacted with a wellness challenge ... especially those who are a part of the cancer statistics.  

I adore hearing your stories and testimonies.  Please feel free to use the contact me button on this page or share in the comments section.    

As for now, its time to get back to the books!

Be filled with hope in whatever challenge you are walking in.  We truly do have all the tools we need to have victory, we just need to take authority and master our tools.  

I'm still very passionate about my life calling in Standing The Gap from Where you are to Where you Can and  Want to Be.  

Be Blessed!

1 Patrick Quillin, Ph.D., Beating Cancer with Nutrition, p. 10.
2 Mike Anderson, Healing Cancer From Inside Out, p. 1.

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