What a day … Digging for A Win

What a day … Digging for A Win
Wow! Yesterday was affirmation I am on the right track and irritating the enemy. 

Ended up hurting my hip while helping on a repair job at a house.  

Got back to the shop where the RV is, sat in a chair to do some contending. There was a wheel missing and I ended up twirling and being thrown from the chair. (That video could have probably made some money or at least laughs.) ended up hurting my knee (get to get a new pair of jeans now as it’s a need instead of a want), shoulder, elbow and hitting head on a commercial size ZTR style lawn mower (PTL I’m hard headed, only lost a little bit of blood as a head wound goes).  

No video. 
No one to help pick me up off the floor. 
No one to look at the oozing point on my head.
No one to offer sympathies or laughter. 
No one to help my emotional or mental state. (Of all the days for my husband to start a new job and be off phone access. praise for the new job … in Utah!) 

No one … Except for me and the Holy Spirit in me. 

My flesh was quick to “woo is me” and to “your a klutz”.  Fortunately all the teachings and words I have been listening too have helped build me up and I opted not to speak those things against God’s created “favorite” child who is made like God. 

Yes, I shed some tears. 
No, I didn’t say “bad word” (my term to express emotion)
Yes, I struggled to choose to change perspectives. 
Yes, I was miserable and not at peace in the moment so decided that perspective stunk. 

Finally made it outside to a chair - will all legs and no rollers.  Dug deep and talked with God. 

Ended up being led to go to a specific container in a mountain of containers and found a journal that I had for sale at a retreat and … if this isn’t God … a pen to write with that was the same color as the journal. (It only took one, okay maybe three, pages of writing before I noticed the intricate detail of the ink color and journal color and no, it’s not purple!) 

I ended up writing my thoughts, my emotions, my heart, my questions, my concerns.  

The more I wrote, the lighter I felt.  I then thought I should attempt to fill this journal as quickly as possible (5 days maximum - that’s when my life becomes full with my people again).  Pretty sure I’ve been carrying a lot of stuff for years that i thought was too little or insignificant to give to God to carry.  Might as well finally dump it all and let Him decide what was important enough to pick up and carry and what was just dust to blow away. 

During this delightful offloading time, my dog - after hours of sticking by my side - wondered over to the property next to us.
 Instead of calling number on tag they called my son, who’s in California, who called to tell me to go get my dog.  Lol. 

So I hobble across the acreage to the front of the property, to the road, and around the tree row  (I’m out in the country on approx 5 acres - no there wasn’t any snow and only clumps and holes, no hills - it’s Kansas, need I say more? Lol).  

I hear someone say “take this dog to the RV back at the back of the property.”  I come around the tree line … and there is no one in sight. 

So I hobble back around the trees and see a man and my dog halfway across the acreage. Tobias sensed and saw me but the man didn’t and he couldn’t hear me. So he kept tugging my dog on leash towards the RV.  (I really need a GoPro drone to video me as I’m sure it was hysterical when I attempted to hobble faster on uneven ground! Shoot, even I was laughing.) 

Finally got his attention and got my dog. 
Literally had to drag and shove my lovable, hunk of muscle up the stairs and into the RV.  

My fleshly body was in full on “praise and thanksgiving mode” with new awareness of discomfort in my back and rib cage.  

Then another sweet kiss from my Creator.  

My husband called to touch base with me. He was taking a brief break. He listened to my physical body impacted vent and helped me dig for my joy and more praise during the brief chat. 

Most of all, he let me know I was loved … just by calling to check in on me. (The rest was a bonus.)

Decided that I was going to town to get a pizza as it would feed me most of the week.  (Don’t shout me down … I was thinking time, energy and finance wise.) 

Went to a pizza joint with a drive through. Found out my husband was ordering pizza in Utah. Warm fuzzy of the heart that we could eat pizza together over the phone in separate states.  

Big grin on my face. 

Ordered and paid for my pizza as no ready to go’s ready. (I was willing to take most any flavor too.) 

Drove around to the front where I was told to wait. Told it would be a while, maybe 20-30 minutes. 

Watched several people come and go and get pizza.   Thought what a blessing to live local and  have a quick option like that. 

Decided to be useful and get some online stuff taken care of since I was in a town with decent cell service.  

Watched numerous people come and go.
Watched man who took my order deliver many pizzas to vehicles. Even rolled my window down several times thinking it was my turn … but it wasn’t. 

Went back to work on my phone.  

Placed a couple orders that got accepted then rejected for some crazy online reason.  (Now I get to make sure to remember to watch that they didn’t pull any funds.) 

Checked the time, it’d been about 35 minutes. 

Watched more people come, get served pizza in their car, and go. 

Thought about getting out and walking in.  

Assessed my physical body, decided that I came here so I wouldn’t have to get out and do excess movement and I was sticking to that wise plan.  

So I gave them extra time in case they had a big order or something. 

Parking lot cleared.
Checked receipt time and saw it had been over 50 minutes.  

Drove up to window.
Talked to man who took my order and money. 

He had a dumbfounded expression on his face. No worries, they should have some ready to go pizzas now.

He went and opened the warmers looking for my order. 
Checked the ready to go warmers - I’d gladly take cheese, pepperoni, meat lovers - anything. Even if it was lesser product than what I paid for. 

Hungry, achy, and ready for some cheesy goodness (topped with sour cream of course - it’s a special day.)

He came back and handed me a receipt and money back.

I thought, Wow! What a blessing. An hour wait and a free hot pizza for being patient and nice. 

But no pizza … after an hour of waiting. 

I had no words but finally came up with “Thank You” and “Have a blessed day.”  I know it was night but hey! at least I was nice. 

Drove off to the back parking area to figure out what was available and where to go. Was coming up with nothing. 

Got a text from my husband. His pizza order was wrong at delivery and he couldn’t eat the pizza. (He gets to muscle test everything now before he orders or eats - awesome part of kicking cancer and letting God lead.) So since he used my card, I get to watch to make sure it gets credited.  At least the warm fuzzy thought of us eating pizza together was nice.  And well, honesty moment here … he was eating some really yummy pizza without me.  Hey! I’m me and I’m being honest.  Don’t shoot me. 

Finally started driving and saw a drive thru deciding it would be quick and easy. Wouldn’t feed me for a week but oh well.  Tonight would be done. 

Placed my order.  Smiled as it was obviously a new hire or someone in training. Had to repeat my order options numerous times.  Remembered all the times I have been, and will be in the future, new at something.  

Laughed at some of the memories.  (Like first time i made coffee at the veterinary office in Colorado - still too funny!) 

Pulled up to get my order. 
Got to wait as being blessed with fresh fries. 
Another blessing in my day.  

Got my order. 
Decided to stop and eat in a parking lot before driving home. 
Opened my sandwich and smelled that it was wrong BEFORE I turned the light on.  (It Halloween and a dark night with no moon out and no parking lot lights.) 

Knew I was in a better mental state as I gave thanks that I had stopped to eat instead of waiting and driving home to eat. 

Went back to the drive thru. Was very pleasant and nice - again, someone was new and in training, only way to be (even if not new - we’ve all had challenging days. I mean look at mine today! Lol) 

Got sandwich made correctly. Cook even came and verified. 
Parked and ate part of it in parking lot. Wasn’t as hungry any more. 
Headed home. 

Parked in spot. 
Greeted by the dogs who were eager to see me. 
Prepared my body to hobble to and up into RV.
Got settled in the chair. 

Reflected on my day and wondered that I didn’t meet people in my trip to town to bless which always helps my perspective and mindset.  Was a bit bummed. 

Then the aha moment, the gently thump on the back of the head. 

I had endured all things today with just me and the God trinity.  

Made Pastor Daniel’s Sunday message at the Iglesia Evangelicas de Mission service on Matthew 11 and letting Jesus carry the burdens … it’s mine to choose, come to full impact in my life. 

I could have chose the negative perspective. 
I could have chose to curse myself with thoughts and words. 
I could have chose to curse others and objects with thoughts and words.  

I could have … but I didn’t.  

Instead …
I chose to let it all go … through talking with God in conversation and journaling. 
I chose to enjoy the wait time and make good use of it with other things. 


Joy does my heart and my mind good. 
You know how I adore laughing. 

But Joy really does bring strength to endure and go through what you are going through and come out on the other side all the better.  
All because you chose JOY. 

So what challenge are you in that you need to dig deep and choose joy today? 

Share below and we’ll stand with you. 
You know where two or more are united … 

Share your testimony to help give others a hand up or at least a laugh to where they currently are.  

Be blessed! 


PS: On the Caregiver side and my body recovery support, I’m definitely wearing my frequency device (on pain, trauma and inflammation cycle as my day involved all of them lol) PLUS taking extra Align, extra Fuse and extra Relief sprays on top of my normal nutrients today.  So wishing I hadn’t sent the Comfort terpenes with my husband. 

May need to order some ahead to my next stop. 

Here’s our e-commerce site if you want some for yourself or want to support one of our Sister Grace recipients (ask for a specific person or donate general to one of our ministry bases - DM for info):  shop.myQSciences.com/rwendt

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Use RANDY100 for a $100 blessing to you on your health building journey.  

Contact me for any info.  
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Who Knows your Vision, Challenge, Goals?

You’ve got to know and share your vision, your challenge, your goals. 

There’s accountability on your part and on others who have connecting pieces to support your. Halle get, vision, or crusade your fighting for. 

Others have to know what you’re going after to be able to support you or to choose to stand with you in going after it. 

Are you sharing? 
Or are you self-limiting and sabotaging yourself by being a martyr and expecting others to know what you haven’t shared? 

Be bold! 
Make it know. 
Get over yourself and accept support from others. 

Share below what you’re going for or a situation where once you made known your goal that someone had what you needed to help bring it to be. 

Be blessed!

Are You Ready?

Mom moments and accountability check. 
Sometimes the report is good and sometimes it is greatly lacking. 

Today the mom check came back great with self Accountability steps. 

That’s a Win-Win in my books! 

Are you ready for the season you are in? 
Are you ready for your next step? 
Are you excited and anticipating? 
Or worried and dreading? 

Stepping out of your comfort zone is growth and the only way to grow and become more. 

You get to choose whether you do the footwork and are ready and eager …
You avoid, don’t do and are unprepared and fearful of what may come.  

You’re preparation and mental perspective makes a difference on the atmosphere and experience of  your next step and season or challenge.

Share your story of a time below! 

Be blessed! 

Michelle Wendt
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Wow! Longevity 30 Day Challenge Completed!!!

Wow! Longevity 30 Day Challenge Completed!!!
So, I'm not much of a "girly girl". I tend to focus more on the homeostasis of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. So when they said "natural face lift" I was like whatever.  However, after some thought I have to admit I was intrigued as the challenge was to INGEST the oil ... NOT put it on the skin TOPICALLY.  So, that got me pondering about the physical challenge and effects that would take place since this challenge would be working from the INSIDE OUT. We know that therapeutic essential oils are adaptogens which means they work with your body where it needs it most ... which doesn't mean that a "face lift" would be on the priority list for my body.  (I mean, we push and max our bodies every day, especially with my delightful schedule of balancing family, ministry, my practice and my business and lets not even mention not eating the best while working or on the road!)

With that being said, I have those days that I go all out and actually dress up and wear make-up.  It  is important that I wear products that are healthy for my skin and don't cause irritation or itchy like many I have used in the past. We'll not even go into how some of the ingredients in my past products have been found to impact my skin and internal organs negatively.  That's a whole other area that I actually teach a class on.  

When I was encouraged to do the Longevity 30 Day Challenge I wasn't sure what to expect and honestly, it wasn't a high mental or emotional priority for me.  However I wanted to encourage and support my associates on their journey. 

So I started taking 8 drops of Longevity Vitality in a capsule every day. I was very consistent in the beginning; however, life happened and I ended up making a last minute ministry trip that lasted 10 days and well, I missed days and didn't take enough Longevity oil with me. (I honestly thought I was only going to be gone for 3 days!) 

While I was gone my husband, who is in the recovery process of blood pathogen challenge that almost graduated him to Heaven a couple years back, muscle tested for Longevity and started using it while I was gone and well, I didn't have enough to cover us both.  (In his defense, he did say he only muscle tested for the oils I had setting out. Teach me! LOL) Therefore, I have not been as faithful on the every day usage of Longevity for the last 10 days or so.  

I must say, with all the life challenges that happened during this time frame I am pleased with the results.  I honestly didn't know what to expect.

When I did a quick research on Longevity oil I found that it contains the highest antioxidant and DNA-protecting essential oils.  It was said to promote longevity and prevent premature aging.  It is a blend of Thyme, Orange, Clove, and Frankincense.  

In looking at the physical and known medicinal benefits -- well who couldn't use support for anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, highly antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-parasitic, antitumoral, relaxant, anticoagulant, circulatory stimulant, analgesic/anesthetic, stomach protectant, anticonvulsant, bone preserving, immuno-stimulant, antidepressant, and muscle relaxing. Can't go wrong with supporting the maintenance of your body in those areas! 

From the emotional and mental aspect, (that's a passionate focus of mine!) ...
I know that it helps support the attacks or challenges of negative emotions and mindset of: ridicule, no protection, lashing out, dizzy, off balance, worthlessness, and F-orget You, 

I know that is helps support the positive growth and expansion of: being applauded, honored, secure, protected, discretion, truth from inside, directed, approval, detached, and standing in own power.

So from any direction that I look at the potential benefits of this challenge ... they all impacted my life and those that chose to do the challenge with me in a positive way that we may never see or understand fully due to the preventative maintenance being done to support the health of our body systems while we continue to live our lives. .  

During this challenge, I ended up being stretched out of my comfort zone, I went from being in one state to being 4 states away within 24 hours including last minute planning, organizing, packing and driving.  On top of that I was extremely stretched to another galaxy in taking a motorcycle riding training in borrowed gear as I had nothing with me. I had to procure jeans, boots, long sleeve shirt, helmet, gloves, even socks!!!  Basically my underwear was the only thing that was mine that I had during this 4 day training ... and boy ... did I feel like a little kid dressed up in someone else's gear.  Not the most confident building position to be in when you are already heavily drawing on your confidence level in stepping out of your comfort zone to do something for your husband and sons.  In looking back at the 30 day journey ... I can see how this challenge played an important roll in helping support me not only physically but especially mentally and emotionally during this 4 day journey that stretched me and had me pushing, giving my all to overcome fears and bondages that I had no clue existed.  Imagine if I hadn't used up 5 days of intense stress how much more different my "face lift" would have looked.  However, I must admit that learning how to ride my motorcycle and obtaining my M endorsement on my license has helped boost the confidence in my spirit which I'm sure reflects on my face too. 

From the physical side ... you can see the difference in my before and after pictures of my face.  (I never thought it would be so hard to try to recreate the same pose and angle for the after picture. It was great for some good laughter though!)  So, if it did that for my face then imagine what it did for the rest of my skin on my body, inside and out. 

My husband asked me if any of the oils would cause moles or skin growths to come off ... which got me to thinking about the fact that I had several skin tags and challenged areas on my skin that had or are in the process of clearing or detaching - which is always a good thing in my books!   

So to wrap this up. I must say that this Longevity 30 Day challenge was a definite win for myself (& my husband and he didn't even do it properly!).  I am excited to add Longevity and Longevity Vitality to my Life Toolbox and resources. 

If you did the challenge with me or are going to start it now ... I'd adore for you to share with me what you saw and noticed in your personal journey.  Post below or contact me with a written testimony!  

As always ... I am passionate about Standing the Gap from where you are to where you can and want to be.

Be Blessed!  
Natural Face Lift, Longevity