For the Dread of the Camper Toilet

Love to relax in your camper? 

Hate the stinky bathroom? 

I totally understand! 

Thanks to my husband's job and the mobility of my practice, ministry and business we get to live in our R.V full-time.  I can honestly say it is so freeing. No longer are we burdened with having to mow our yard, clean the gutters, etc. We get to spend our free time focusing on our family, our friends and are able to minister more and build our Health and Wellness Business to leave a legacy giving residual income in our will to our children and future generations.  I ADORE CAMPING!!! 

However, I in the past I sometimes dreaded the bathroom essence especially since its by our bedroom. Nothing like a need to help motivate you to find a solution.  Especially when your blank tank gets cruded up or vapor locked ... oh my!  For those that have experienced ... you know what I'm talking about.  For those that have not had to venture there ... take my advice and use my recipe so you don't have to experience it yourself and can just laugh with those that have or are experiencing.  

Thanks to my family's health challenges we are very particular about what toxins we allow into our home, camper and bodies.  I checked out those expensive RV tank tablets and cleaners ... YIKES! when you read the label you don't even want to hold the container in your hand.  And then to find out that many of them just aren't what they are cracked up to be.  
So save your money. Use three inexpensive ingredients and choose the essence you want to waft through your camper.  I'll even add some of my favorites for essence but also for the health building and even emotional and mindset support!  

I know, you're thinking ... "From a TOILET BOWL and BLACK TANK Cleaner?"  

No, I haven't been breathing sewer gases. (No more toxic chernobyl smells in our camper!) 

Yes, I am on a daily mission to better the world around my family and help educate my friends, clients and associates on how they can help make there surrounding atmosphere a better, safer, health building place. 

For those that want the easy 3 ingredient recipe plus whatever essence you choose then click here to get an instant pdf

If you are clueless on how to make your world smell better while building your heath, especially your immune system in the current state of affairs ... then reach out to me and I'd be honored to help you and educate you on how to make wise choices while saving money.

I'm very passionate about Standing The Gap from where you are to where you can and want to be!

                           Be Blessed!