Sell? Give? Burn? Trash?

Please share your ideas! 

I do not want to leave a 30 x 50 shop of stuff that has been moved around who knows how many times and been in boxes for how many generations.  

So …

What …

Do …

I …

Do With IT ? ! ? 


Time and energy is priceless.  You can’t get it back or even resell it.  

Big ticket items … okay, sell. 

But all the small things … forgive me now if I have ever bought some small thing and given to you just because and it was not something that was specific to your spark and passion and generally consumable!!! 

I could just through things away and no one would know. 

I know there are people in need, and we support them in many ways. 

However, what’s the accountability of giving something to another because I want it gone, it’s cluttering and depleting space, time and energy?  

I’m thinking if it’s been weighing me down for years … why would I give that to another to do the same to them?  

How many things did we accept or lay claim to because we thought we were in a financial lacking position so it somehow added value or identity to our lives to have the object to clean and move? 

Our identity isn’t in THINGS! 

So … please comment what you would do! 

Thanks in advance! 

Michelle Wendt