What, How & Why are you marking?

So what are you marking? 
Why are you marking it? 
How are you marking it? 

Inquiring minds want to know! 
I want to know.

Please share! 

Identity and Direction

Identity and Direction
I was blessed to get to send my husband and my oldest son off on a ministry work trip.  
It was a precious time as I had just got back from being away doing personal, ministry and business. Mine started as a 4 day trip and ended as an 18 day trip. You can read about it in a previous posts. This one is one week for my son and unknown for my husband. (Be strong my heart!) 

I gave my earthly, heart throb husband of mine notice that I might experience occasional “sensitive” moments while he was gone. I explained that we hadn’t gotten time together in the few hours we’ve had together to connect as my heart desired. So notice given for any tears and emotions from any and every aspect that may be experienced without any other given notice. 

With my husband’s contract that he was on, (Yes, I said ‘was’ as his contract ended and he took a lay off Friday.) he gets up at 3:30ish am and after 27 years I am well trained and experienced to not interfere with his morning routine. Everyone is happier that way. When he gets home from work he has approximately 2-1/2 hours to eat, prepare his stuff for the next day and whatever else needs done that he can fit in before going to rest and renew for the next day. So time with him is little and precious but generally filled with life demands. 

Not knowing I was going to be gone for an extended time, we had commitments we had made that took up the brief evening time and alas no time for solely us to connect, catch up & share experiences and insights. 

So I found my self excited.

Excited that they were going. 
Excited with all they are going to do. 
Excited they were going to have time together and make memories.  
Excited with all I was going to be able to focus on with them gone. 

But also yearning for more. 

Yearning for more because we had not planned our time and energy as well as we could have. 

Yearning because we felt need to reach out and do for others to support them over taking the time for us. 

Yearning because I love and cherish the time with my husband who really is my earthly heart throb who even after 27 years takes my breath away when I see him in a distance.  (It was a great feeling when I was waiting at the airport for him to pick me up with excitement and anticipation like a school girl with a crush.) 

And I am flooded with emotions as insight flows. 

We are created in God’s image. 

We experience His emotions in a minute amount based on our personal relationship with him. The closer we are, the more we know and share with Him. 

My yearning for time with my husband due to “to busy” or “responsibilities” is a direct reflection of how God feels about me/us and the time, energy and attention we give Him.

He created us for His pleasure.
He created us and crafted a perfect Garden of Eden for our pleasure and desires to spend time with us in … and we get distracted by the serpent and end up missing out on the goodness and glory we had by chasing after something of lesser value and pleasure. 

With the spoken against our family diagnosis giving only 2-3 months to live came an accountability check of where we were, what we had done, what we hadn’t and what was important.  It came up more in the lacking side than on the well done side.  

Which makes me even more sensitive that we still have development needs to balance our life and make sure all important things are covered and not missed by good deeds or others expectations that generally serve a fleeting moment.  

Even with the reality and accountability check of life being short (praising the 2-3 months is now counting 23 months!) … I find myself still coming up grossly lacking in investing my time and energy into what is important to me, my relationship with God, my family.  Into what I am called and Biblically promised I can and am to do.  And my heart is heavy.  

So again, I renew my focus on knowing my YES is a YES and all else is a NO until I know differently.  

I must seek His wisdom and guidance from a very open and sensitive position by seeking revelation of why I am doing what I am doing and is it aligned with what I am suppose to be doing or am I: 

-jumping hoops to please others over God?

-doing busy work to avoid hard or scary stuff?

-lost in my identity and wondering aimlessly doing other people’s good deeds? 

-unfocused and not listening to and following my Divine GPS (God Positioning System) which is 100% accurate in arriving at my destination? 

I’m very creative and good so the list goes on and on even as I shorten it daily in my quest to better my life and relationship with God, family and friends. 

My heart desire is to live this life I’ve been blessed with well which involves loving God and my family and serving them well.  Which means I have to intimately know God and embrace my identity as He says I am. 

Time for me to stand in my authority.
Time to be confident and bold. 

So Action time for you! 

Are you living your best life to have little to no regrets whenever your final breath comes? 


Are you a pinball being bounced around and shot in different directions depending on what bumpers or obstacles or people you encounter in your life? 

Share below! 

What’s one action step you are going to take today to reclaim your time and energy that is being used other than where it can best be used?  

I want to celebrate and encourage you.  

I am passionate about standing the gap from where you are to where you can and want to be.  

Be blessed! 


Are you focusing on your gifts & strengths or your insecurities and weaknesses?

You choose where to put your focus, time, and energy.

You choose what and how others see you and what you are communication.  

Stretching out of my comfort zone because that’s where growth happens ... Here’s a snapshot of the black heart on my nose.  

What are you purposefully doing to focus and grow your giftings and strengths in your life? 

Your Body Alert Sturm is Spot on. Are you listening?

It Monday and a Marvelous day to reach out and share to gain support and motivation from all of us here.  

What’s one area you would like encouragement, support and accountability on this week? 

I’ll start! 

I need encouragement and support in prioritizing all the things on my to do want to do list and hearing what my top 3 things are to focus on. 

I have many loved ones and clients asking for and needing knowledge and wisdom that I have that I need to know how best and what to share first.  I also need to get reorganized and resituated after our relocation. When you live in an RV full time and take it in the road ... well, things can get messy. Lol. Especially if the road is really bumpy and twisty. 

Hmmm ... it’s the same way with day to day life! Yet another ponder point for me today. 

Looking forward to seeing how we can support you this week! 

I adore sowing seeds into you especially when the harvest comes in for each of us! 

Be blessed and filled with extra joy today!

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Self-Care and Focus Clarity: Marking Territory or Just Doing The Motions?

Self-Care and Focus Clarity: Marking Territory or Just Doing The Motions?

Click image to watch video

Welcome to Michelle's Marvelous Monday Marvel!

This weekend was packed with affirming and stretching information as I attended a Functional and Integrative Medicine Conference.   You know it’s a beneficial conference when it aligns with what you are already focusing on in your own life.  

A lot of information and decision points where addressed which I am in the process of seeking my trusted counsel for the answers for my speciality and the direction I am to go forward in. 

The video is very prophetically reflective of where I am today. 

Today I am pondering and planning my future steps and focus.  I am revisiting my self-care plan and protocol for myself and quite honestly … its falling shy of where it should be at minimum and I want to excel at being the Best Me I was Created to be … so this has got to be amped up and ASAP.  

I also am assessing and seeking the direction of my trusted counsel in the focus of my life, ministry, and practice.  I don’t want to be like my dog, Tobias, in my video. I don’t want to be spending my energy going from “tree to tree, bush to bush and anything in between” marking the territory with a small “sprinkle” of knowledge, insight, and wisdom. I don’t want to have given out so much in vast amounts of different places that I have nothing to give and only go through the motions during times of the journey.  

Which is why re-assessing my Self-Care program and protocols has taken a priority in my life. Why I am assessing and seeking from my wise counsel the focus I am to move forward in.  

You can sprinkle a lot of area with water and nutriments; however, little is the overall accomplishment and impact.  Yes, some sprinkling is good to help encourage and educate people that there is a way that will edify and build them up to accomplish the desires and goals they have.  However, the main impact life changing, mindset shifting comes from saturating the soil in one specific area and allowing those that need and desire to come and absorb what is there’s to better themselves and assist in achieving their intentions and life purpose.  


What is your self-care plan and protocol?  Is it supporting your Greatest Good for You or supporting the bare minimum or not there at all? 

What is your life focus? Are you on track or are you going through the motions running around sprinkling a little bit of yourself here and there until you have nothing left to sprinkle and then just go through the motions until you crash and burn or reach a place to replenish and renew? Are you bearing good fruits? Or not fruit at all? 

As always, I am here for those that are Divinely led to support you on your journey. If you are at an impasse and need some assistance, please contact me and schedule a time to facilitate you focusing in on your intention and forming a plan to support you For Such A Time As This. 

I am passionate about Standing The Gap from where You Are to where You Can and Want to be. 

Be Blessed!

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