Quarantine = more screen time. Oh my tired eyes!

I don’t know about you but I have most definitely been spending far more time on my computer and phone.  I know my spirit soars and sings when I get to see the beauty that surrounds me.  And thus, it is important to maintain and build the health of my eyes.  Ultimately I would like to improve eye health enough to no longer need glasses.  I know Biblical my eyes are already healed and healthy I just need to open my faith to believe and receive.  I also know and have witnessed clients and associates who have purposefully gone after building eye health that have succeeded and are able to wear whatever sunglasses they want from any place they want to get them.  Or be able to take pictures and not have to worry about the glare on the glasses.  

I’m excited to share this post from Dr Michael Buch.  Thanks

Hi Everyone!
We’ve all been working from home and it occurred to me that with all the time spent staring at the computer, we’re potentially doing more damage to our eyes than usual.  (By the way, I think there is something wrong with my computer because every year the font seems to get smaller!) Anyway, your computer, like your cell phone, emits a lot of blue light. This is the higher energy, shorter wavelength light in the visible spectrum. Because blue light is higher energy, it can damage the cells in your eyes, particularly the cells that make up the part of your retina called the macula.

The macula is responsible for your central (as opposed to peripheral) vision as well as your color vision, so it’s very important. Luckily for us, we have pigment (cleverly named macular pigment) that helps absorb the damaging blue light and protects our macula.

This macular pigment is composed of 3 compounds: lutein and 2 types of zeaxanthin. Our bodies don’t make these compounds but we can get them from green, leafy vegetables. Unfortunately, many of us just don’t eat enough of these. But we have a wonderful supplement that provides the recommended levels of lutein and both forms of zeaxanthin. It’s called Illumineyes, and if you haven’t tried it, now is the time.

Illumineyes is plant based. Even the capsules are made from purple carrots.
Because blue light is shorter wavelength, it is more easily scattered, and that means your eyes need to strain more to focus blue light. So Illumineyes not only helps protect your eyes against damage, but it can also reduce eye strain. The claims on this product are amazing!

Here’s what we can say about Illumineyes in the US: Excellent source of vitamin A, C, and E, contains no synthetic ingredients, vegetarian friendly, increases macular pigment optical density, helps absorb damaging bright light and blue light, protects eyes from damaging blue light found in sunlight and mobile devices, helps protect and maintain healthy cells in the eyes, helps protect and maintain proper eye health, helps with photo stress recovery, helps with recovery from damaging blue light, improves visual performance, reduces eye strain, reduces eye fatigue, helps prevent night blindness, helps support vision in low light settings, and may help reduce age-related eye deterioration.

And if that’s enough, Illumineyes is good for your skin too! I can’t count how many positive experiences I’ve heard about from people who have used this product.

Please give it a try …your vision is simply too important!