Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails

Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails

Oh my goodness ... people are constantly asking what book I'm reading or what books are my favorite resources. Since I'm limited in my ability to respond to all ... I'm expanding myself and sharing on my platform to be able to assist and help more people.  

Yes, I am a physical book person.  Digital is good when I can't physically have the book ... but I tend to put off reading it if its for anything other than fluff reading.  

Why might you ask? 

Well, some of you might need to brace yourself ... Yes! I highlight and write in my books. (Gasp!)

I use to laugh when others would want to buy my copy of the book instead of waiting for theirs to be shipped to them.  I'd apologize and tell them that I had already written in and marked mine up so they should wait for theirs to come.  Then after years of them wanting my copy even though it was written in ... I had my aha moment.  (Yes, I may be a tad slow at times.) 

It was a mindset thing. 
It was my highlights and handwritten notes that they were wanting along with the book. 

Duh! I totally get this!  I have my mom's Bibles, recipe books and other books that she has made personal notes in ... and I cherish them all the more for it.  Plus I get the insight she had to share and mark as a personal reminder for herself.  That is gold to me!  

So today, one of the books that I am encouraging you to add to your library and resources is 
"Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails" by Dr. Scott A. Johnson  You can click here to get it or on the picture below.  

If you haven't watched my YouTube video above, here's some of my why's to own this book:

✔ It has solid research behind it. 
✔ It gives you basic information on how to use, etc.
✔  It provides a base protocol to use to help support yourself naturally while you are awaiting further health care or are diving in to the mental and emotional mindset behind your current physical challenge (yip! that's my gold mine area for best support!). 

I am constantly sharing and educating on how to be your own best Life Advocate.  
My passion is looking at ourselves from a total perspective instead of a targeted perspective.
I am adamant about the the connection between your physical - mental - emotional - spiritual being and the need for homeostasis or balance.  

Why am I passionate? Because I am a walking testimony of the impact that supporting every aspect of your being has on physical challenges and, in my case and my family's case, overcoming and breaking free from what we were told were "lifetime disabilities".  That this was as good as it would get and only downhill from here.  


Each one of us is unique so make sure and keep in mind that applies to every part of your life.  
If you start with the base protocol listed in this book and are not getting the results you set as your goal ... don't give up and say it doesn't work or it's not for you.  You just need to step back and tweak what you are doing.  I mean have you ever put on a pair of jeans and had to adjust them once they were on before they could become your favorite jeans? 

Same goes for everything you do in your life.  Especially when it come to achieving a healthy balance in your life.  Every physical challenge is impacted and truly brought on by things in your mental, emotional and even spiritual being that you didn't tend to.  So therefore, what works for others might not work for you because you have a different history, a different past, different bondages or blocks that are holding you back.  So don't quit ... just tweak based on who you are.  

I mean are you really an average, standard, run of the mill kind of person?

No, you are special and uniquely made. 

That is what drives my passion to Stand The Gap to help you learn how to identify and know how to support you being your best you.  

So, yes, I encourage you to add this book to your personal resource library to compliment the other books that I have recommended in the past as my book in my bag recommendations.   

Yes, I will be posting on future books that are on my shelves and in my bag.  Or you can find some of my reviews already on my YouTube channel.  

In the meantime, here's the link to this book.  This is my affiliate link so yes, your clicking and using this link will benefit me but what you will get from this book will far benefit you even more.  

Thank you blessings for choosing to use my link to order your book.  It doesn't cost you anymore and it sows seeds into my ability to support you.  I never thought of myself as nerdy in the past, however, I am passionate about learning and sharing my insight and knowledge with you.  

I am Standing The Gap from where you are to where you can and want to be.

Be Blessed! 
Michelle Wendt, CAFP, CERT, CEFT, OM

Anguish? Limbo? Obliterated? Sorcery?

Anguish? Limbo? Obliterated? Sorcery?
Our current social challenge is stirring up so many different feelings and emotions.  

For some, this is a time of Ecstacy. A time of being open and willing to accept the truth.
A time of trust. A time of being Divinely guided.
A time of Euphoria. A time of your head and heart being connected.
A time of growth and expansion of knowing and being a better you. 

For others, this is a time of Anguish.  A time of suffering. 
A time of Limbo. A time of waste. A time of no direction.  
A time of Obliteration. A time of loss of identity. A time of nothingness.
A time of sorcery.

As I have shared in the past, our body has an intricate alarm system that alerts us so we can come against the areas that are breached and take control. 

We are our own best advocates because we know and hear our body like no one else can.
Even better!  
Are you ready for this?


We get to choose life or choose death.  

We even have tools that we can use and master to help us succeed in everything thing we do.  

Today's video gives some tips on how to use one of the Tools in our Life Toolbox to help overcome the negative and firmly stand in the positive mental and emotional stance. 

This just makes me want to dance! 
(Which my dancing tends to bring laughter ... and in my books laughter is good especially when I'm laughing with you.)

I'm choosing to thrive during this time of fear hype and rights tampering decisions made by our leaders.
I'm choosing to live freely.
For me, this is a nesting time.  
A time to clean out the clutter. Time clutter, physical clutter, emotional clutter.  
It's a time of Freedom gain.  
It's a time of relationship restoration and restoring.
It's a time of honing and mastering current skills and new skills.
It's a time of nurtured growth.
I'm TOTALLY THRIVING and adoring helping others break free from the past and thriving themselves. 

How are you choosing to use and walk out this gift of "time out" that has been given to you? 
Post your comments, I adore hearing where you are at and how I can encourage and support you. 
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