April 29th?

April 29th?
Do you really want to know where I was April 29th?

Thanks for asking. That’s an easy one. 

In 2022, I was in the Lake Powell area with my earthly heart throb.

In 1995, I was in Kansas. That day I married my earthly heart throb. 

(April 29th video found at @michellewendt247) 

It’s been a journey of highs and lows, ups and downs, mountains and valleys. 

It’s been a time of growing together and individually. 

It’s been a journey of learning new levels of rewarding peace constantly. 

It’s an ongoing journey of loving and laughing together more each day. 

It’s that sweet and salty combination. 

It’s a journey I might not have chosen at times if I had known brief moments of the journey. 

It’s a journey I am forever grateful I am on and wouldn’t have wanted to miss. 

It’s our journey and the writing of it gets sweeter and more fulfilling each moment. 

It’s a journey that I’m living fully going for the prized “WELL DONE” on a daily basis to confidently know and receive the final coveted WELL DONE with my head held high, looking into the eyes of my Judge with confidence and love. 

Thank you Randy for asking me to be your wife, mother to your children, helpmeat, friend, adventurer and so much more. 

I love you.

Michelle's Daily Insight - Please Fragrance

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Today's Diving Board:  Ephesians 5:1-2; John 6:60-67; Jeremiah 1:7-10, 17-19


Today’s Garden of Eden:  


Essence:  Jade Lemon, Aromaease, Into The Future, Dill, Live Your Passion, Ginger, RC


Emotional & Mental Support:  


Overcomes Negative Perspective –  Limited, Outrage, Lack, Depletion


Promotes Positive Growth Perspective – Liberation, Willing to Change, Regard, Self-Sufficient, Faith, Trust, Rejuvenated, Self-care


No matter what I do, read, watch, listen to … I am being fed to support and encourage me on my journey.  We relocated to Espanola NM last week so this Sunday Randy (that’s my awesome warrior husband of soon to be 25 years if you don’t already know) and I felt led to check out New Creation in Christ Church in Espanola NM.  


How’d we come to that decision? We formed a committee of two (Randy and I), incorporated some food (McDonald’s as we were on a limited time frame), prayed asking for direction, consulted resources (google), three churches stood out to us so we visited their websites and/or Facebook pages (learned the value and need for clear, precise communication via internet) and then the final decision was made … based on being able to get to one church well before start time.   BIG GRIN  


And He did it again!  I’m pretty sure we are pretty entertaining to God and thankfully bring him Joy (well it says we are His joy in scripture and I find the journey quite humorous at times.).   He allowed us to do what we needed to do to get to where He already had planned for us to be and met us there in a great big way.  When on the road and moving frequently you have got to be well grounded in relationship but the like-minded fellowship still is yearned for and needed.  As always, the connection was just what I needed.  The heart passion of the worship team, pastor and congregation and teaching from the Word … spot on and refreshing.  Just what my inner being was desiring.  


The Garden of Eden* essence today during my study time supports my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being as I am continuing to be in a refining, renewing, reviving process For Such A Time As This.  I am growing more confident in taking the steps He is showing and leading me to take even though my flesh is screaming at the discomfort of not being in my comfort zone.  I do know that under His cover fully is far better than even a breath of being outside of His will and covering.  Thankful I have the promise that He’s got me … wherever I am.  


I know, I say this almost every time, some would say its "random" selection but I know who leads me and prepares my daily Garden for me to walk with Him in.  My heart is so filled with joy at how much I am loved and trusted to do what He is leading me to do.  I am humbled at the care He took in creating the emotional and mental growth support for today.  It was as always … spot on with where I am walking in life today.  


Thank you for honoring me with your time.  Besides following my Standing The Gap blog, subscribing to my Standing The Gap YouTube channel, attending a class or retreat, purchasing written materials, your purchase of any of the above essential oils from myself or one of our Be Healthy His Way Associates helps support our family business which helps support my being able to freely walk in my purposed calling in SEEING (Supporting, Educating, Empowering, Inspiring, Nurturing and Growing) others.  


Sweetest Blessings to You!


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