Aunt Chelle, Why … Insights from the Littles in my life!

Aunt Chelle, Why …   Insights from the Littles in my life!

I adore insights, ponder points & accountability checks. 

Well, maybe not so much the accountability checks but they are a necessary part of positive growth. 

As I see my husband and oldest son off the Kansas to do some work on our ministry base facility as well as ministry and hopefully business building, my heart is full of memories from my recent trip. 

I’m excited to see pictures and hear stories from my guys time on the journey and especially to see how our great nieces are going to wrap Uncle Randy around their little lives like their momma and her sister did.  

My heart desires to get to go with them but it also is excited at all I get to do here while they are away. 


share below someone or an incident that has helped you see positive growth in yourself or bring awareness of an area you are shining in.  

3,2,1 … Go! 


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