Sky revelations! What do you see?

As I am blessed to sit out on a rooftop patio, 
I am on the phone talking to a dear friend and business associate.  While we are talking I’m watching the skies and their beauty, constant changing from bright, fluffy, billowy clouds 

to merging of intermittent dark clouds 

To dark clouds with bright fluffy clouds peeking  out from behind.  

After my call, I’m sitting, soaking up the beauty. Enjoying the slight breeze and near perfect temperature and  I see how the everyday things that occur in our lives are just like these clouds.  They are ever changing and fleetingly temporary in our lives.  Sadly, some  people may never even take the time to see the beauty of the skies today.  (I had times in my past I was so focused on the corporate world I was in and missed the daily artwork.)  Some may choose to focus on the bright, billowy, fluffy clouds and others may only see and focus on the dark storm clouds.  Some may take one look and lock that perspective in for their day.  

But wait!  Here Comes the Sun!  

It never went away, there were just temporary clouds in between us.  

That is how the challenges in our day and lives are ... temporary.  It is our choice whether we focus and adapt our perspective to the various fleeting clouds (life challenges) OR keep focused on living our created purpose fully and take the victories and strengthening from the intermittent, fleeting “clouds” in our lives.  

How are you looking at things today?  
Are you looking with focus? 
Are you focused on the positive growth and victories? 
Are you focusing on the negative, dreary, woe is me pity party? 

YOU get to CHOOSE! 

That’s so exciting to me. 
I’m choosing beauty, joy, victory promises and laughter for my day.  

What are you choosing?

Feel free to share below so we can encourage and support you on your journey.  


My MISSION is purposefully STANDING THE GAP from where You ARE to where You CAN and WANT to BE!  

Be Blessed!  

Michelle Wendt
Educator and Whole Life Practitioner
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