Itโ€™s Hot. Getting creative ... Mindful Walking option.

My dogs are thinking I’ve lost my mind.
I think I’m being resourceful.
My mind is processing faster then I can keep up and it’s not always the best feeling.  Joy is definitely a determined choice today that I’m working on more often than normal.
Decided body movement would counterbalance (now that’s an interesting word for another insight post ๐Ÿ˜)my mind movement.  However it is HOT and dry out there.  
So exercising creativity, I’ve been walking the shaded porch for almost an hour now.  
Logging some steps for my Conquerer Challenge and MyQFit goals.
Dumping some thoughts and making room for more creativity.  
Feeling better in all aspects of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.  
Now to get creative with supporting my business partners achieve their goals.  
What do you do when you’re physically and mentally in a “jam”?
Adore hearing your creative or uncreative ideas.  Open to new ideas.
Thanks in advance for sharing!

Is Fear Killing, Stealing and Destroying Your Life?

This is to good not to share!
Thanks Karen Fairhurst for sharing this.  It is well written.  

After many years of a life of many types of abuse, fear used to make decisions for me and opportunities were killed, stolen or destroyed.  

I have purposefully worked on overcoming and breaking fear from my past and it’s control on m.  

It is essential for me to soar in my new career and to be able to help others.

Here’s what Karen shared: 


I was recently working with a girl who was genuinely interested in joining my business talk herself out of it because she was scared. It made me so sad for her.

Turns out, joy is a scary feeling. When we find ourselves in a moment so happy and beautiful, the only thing our brain knows how to do is prepare us for the crash landing.

What could go wrong? How will this get messed up? What is the worst possible outcome of this wonderful scenario?

We celebrate our friends so easily because their joy isn’t a risk to us. It isn’t SCARY.

But we talk down to ourselves because OUR joy is downright terrifying.

I mean, what would happen if we believed we were beautiful? What would happen if we celebrated our OWN talents? If we loved our bodies and our minds? If we allowed ourselves to fly?

Well, sometimes things that fly fall down. And that hurts like hell. So, I guess that’s what could happen.

Maybe that’s why, instead of letting ourselves take that risk to be joyful, we say “Nope. You stay put. Right there. Where it’s miserably safe. If you already believe you are a failure, then failure doesn’t hurt, now does it?”

Keep ya head up girl. We’re gonna keep working on it. You will feel joy even if it’s not with my teamโค๏ธ


so are there areas you are ready and/or need to break free from fear?

Are you ready to break free and link arms with me and use your strengths and passions to support a project that harmonizes with who you are?

I’d adore linking arms with you and breaking free from the fear holds of the past, give me a shout!

As always ...

I’m passionate about Standjng the Gap from where you are to where you can and want to be!

Freedom Rocks!

But ... whatโ€™s your limit?

But ... whatโ€™s your limit?

After seeking my steps for my day, this post by Jesse Duplantis came before my eyes.

Talk about getting popped on the back of the head.  (Did your grandma or dad every do that to you when you were growing up to get you thinking a d moving? ๐Ÿค—)

Well, friend, it still happens ... at least in my life.  

I have people laid on my heart to reach out to, to connect with, to speak life and encouragement to, to offer a hand up, to share an opportunity or two ... and I say, yes I will contact them.  And then life happens and controls my time and energy instead of me controlling my time and energy.  

I coach others about this while I’m also improving and coaching myself.  

With every BUT I use or start a sentence (excuse) with ... I always find a limiting belief from my past (some distant and some not so distant, i mean like  so fresh it still reeks of the essence!) that is behind my holding back or choice of failing instead of moving forward.  

Talk about accountability ... 3 little letters ... heap load piles of accountability! 

Here’s Jesse’s words that are speaking to me this morning.  Thanks Jesse! 


 Life isn’t about standing still; it is about moving forward. With God you really are either moving ahead or falling behind. If you want to move ahead with God in your life and receive His best, you’ve got to give up your “but...”! You must allow God to purge you of past fruit—whatever or whoever that may be!

Yesterday’s fruit isn’t the focus anymore. Today and tomorrow are what’s important. Take a minute and go read what  Philippians 3:13-14 says about it.


So let’s get moving! 

Share below or in my chat groups where you are choosing and putting action into no longer being blocked and putting action into moving forward? 

If you’re led to connect with me today ... then your on my schedule, I’m waiting to encourage and bless you!  

No more BUTS! 

Exercising or Creatively doing the motions?

Exercising or Creatively doing the motions?
I adore hearing your insights and testimonies!
Share them via the CONTACT ME button on this page.  

Be blessed! 

Praising or Complaining?


Friday our plans got changed in a great way.  I had the choice to either:

Embrace the change, go after the good and give praise and thanks with all the twists and turns …


Complain, resist the new direction, stress and fret through the whiteout snow storm, being awake all night driving through the night, the long empty dark unfamiliar highways, no open gas stations or truck stops, straps coming undone and things coming off the back of our trailer, forgetting to eat supper and in the quickness of the direction changes instead of packing snacks for the drive they got packed the grocery containers in the packed in the back, and … well you get the picture.  

I am so grateful that I chose to embrace the change with excitement and anticipation of what goodness was coming.  

Yes, the whiteout snowstorm in the dark of the night, on highways unfamiliar, with vehicles and tracks going off onto the side of the road still yielded extreme beauty and insight.  It was absolutely gorgeous as the whiteness wrapped itself tighter around our world.  It was insightful as looking straight ahead was absolutely blinded with nothingness but white … however, looking at an angle towards the side of the road yield a small window of visual to help keep us moving forward.  Even if it was at 8 mph in a 70-mph zone.  

It was a life lesson experience.  Just as in the storm when all is blocked with only whiteness.  The challenges and storms of life can often blind us if we get focused on the challenge or storm instead of looking around the challenge and looking from a different perspective to keep moving forward.  

There were sections that we couldn’t even make out where the road was … but our needs were met before we even knew that we would be traveling on this highway, in the middle of the dark night, in the middle of a whiteout snowstorm, pulling a 26’ trailer.   Yes, our needs were met.  When we couldn’t see where the road was, we were still able to keep moving forward.  Yes, it was at a reduced speed … way reduced.  But we were still moving forward and thanks to the “rumble bars” we knew when we got to close to the edge or the center line.  We even had technology that somewhat helped us know the lay of the highway … which without the visual at times might have been a tad deceiving but that was not an issue because we had the “rumble bars” to keep us within our boundaries.  

Yes, I was giving praise and thanks for the “rumble bars” and for GPS.  Yes, I was honored and speaking affirmations into my amazing husband and son who were driving instead of sleeping.  Yes, I was giving thanks and praise for the days ahead and the blessings and rewards that were bringing us through this growing experience.  

Today’s challenge:  

Are you choosing to live today with a POSITIVE perspective or a NEGATIVE perspective?

What “rumble bars” are in place to help keep you in your boundaries and moving forward in your purposed calling and life why achievement?

Are you grateful for them and using them?

I adore when you share your insights.  I vote your victory and speak grace and peace from the most High into your life and your day.   May you be blessed with extra joy and thankful from the inside out that overflows to all that you interact and connect with today.  

Be Blessed!



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