He says He wants you ... then He does.

He says He wants you ... then He does.

Welcome to today’s Bible Essence post. 

It’s a new year and my heart is focused on knowing what my focus and purpose is.  

Last Sunday in Brother Keith Moore’s sermon he shared that Money can be spent and replaced but Time can only be spent and never replaced.  So make sure you are spending your time to it’s utmost.   

We interrupt this message to bring you the following Ponder Point:  Talk about a whole other subject ... when you tithe your time, do you tithe the 1st 10th of your year (1.2 months), your month (3 days), your day (2.4 hours), your hour (6 minutes)?   

Thank you for joining me on my brief ponder point ramble.  Okay, so back to today’s post.  

Last week in my daily Word time, I started the Truth or Tradition Series.  My previous post has last week’s link and my insights from this time through the teaching. (We know we gain new insight every time we go to the Word and are open to receive what He has in it for us today, where we are now, for such a time as this.)

Here’s the link to today’s session:  

Here’s some of my notes and insights:  

Read Mark 7:1-23 and same account in Matthew 15:1-20

Fault finding does NOT make you spiritual.  

They found fault with Jesus who did no wrong and committed no sin so I should not be surprised or hurt when others find fault with me.  No time for pity parties.  Hold my head high and know that I am walking in His leading and do as He leads me and instills in my heart.  

Examine everything you believe and find the scripture to support that it is Truth.  When I say, “I Believe ...” stop and look for the scripture that supports that belief.  Keep what I find in scripture and eliminate or lay down everything else, so I can focus on what He says.  

When someone questions you or finds fault and says, “Why don’t you do like we do?”  Our response and heart posture should be, “Where is it in the scripture?”  Search the Word and find it so your heart can be confident and without condemnation.  

Verse 15 says, nothing that comes from outside of me can defile me or make me unclean.  That means nothing we eat, drink, smoke ... nothing. As verse 19 states that it doesn’t go into our heart but into our stomach, and it passes into the latrine.

Verse 21 states its what comes from my heart that makes unclean.  From the heart comes the wicked thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, indecency, envy, slander, arrogance, foolishness.  

There is not a single person in hell for smoking, drinking, robbing, stealing, killing, adultery, etc. The only people in hell are there for rejecting and refusing to repent and receive the horrendously high price Jesus paid for our sins on the cross.

Adored Brother Keith’s response to the man who kept saying, “I don’t like you.” He stopped and said, “You just don’t know me or you’d like me too.”   We are a reflection of God in our daily life. It’s our heart posture that determines how clear and precise we shine His loving spirit.

We reap what we sow.  So give them a chance and don’t judge by their outward appearance.  We only see in part and don’t know where they are or what’s happening in their life.

I Samuel 16:7
John 7:24
James 4

The Lord judges not by what we/others do (the act) but by our heart intent behind the act.

We all have experienced truth in love verses truth in condemnation.  Love gets positive results every time.  

What is Sin?

Sin IS very serious.  So serious that Jesus paid a terrible price.  It’s that bad.  

There’s no degree or grade of sin.  Sin is sin.  It is not the same for everyone. It’s based on our heart posture and the light that we are in.  

Sin is:

1 John 3:4 ... violating the Law or Torah.

James 4:17 ... is knowing the right thing to do and NOT doing it.

Romans 14:22 ... anything done not based on faith/trust.  Doing something with doubt in the heart is sin.  

We all make mistakes and have to repent.  However none of us have to sin.  We have a choice.  Jesus walked on earth as fleshly man. When we miss something, we sinned because we could have done better or chosen the right thing.  Repent when your awareness and heart are convicted.  Don’t do anything without a sense of God’s approval/will in your inner Being or heart.  If you are NOT in faith and confident you have God’s approval, then it’s a sin to go ahead and do it without God’s peace of approval.  Stop and search the Word for His direction.  It’s in there.  He wrote the Word for us today.  It is Truth, a Living Word, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  

As parents, it’s our job to NOT make our children dependent on us but to ween them from “Me” onto “Holy Spirit” as soon as possible in their young lives.  

Great leaders Lead, Feed, Watch out for, Protect and are Strong in Truth.  Because one day, we will stand at the throne and answer to Him for our actions, not our children’s.  

Speak Truth only in Love.  Grow up with Him in all ways.  Help them to hear from God, Be strong, Be confident, know God’s Truth.

Train them in their youth allowing them to make choices and experience their consequences, good or bad.  

Train others to know Him.  Know His voice.  Hear His voice. Pray directly conversing with Him.  Know His Heart.  

In no way, shape or form can we truly judge others as we do not know how much Light they have.  They may be walking in all the Light they know.   From the Father’s eyes, they may be walking on a higher level of their Light knowledge than you are at your level of Light knowledge.  He sees and knows All and knows the heart posture.  

If someone believes something is a sin when scripturally it is not, it is wrong for you to encourage them to do it until they come to the level of understanding in their heart, as condemnation of the heart is sin. They have to walk in their level of Light / faith and knowledge.  Love them and feed them the Word as they are open and able to receive.  

When wanting God to talk to you and tell you what to do:
1- study The Word and know what it says to do, then God will add anything else as you will know His will and be aligned with Him.
2- when you have a prompting in your heart, do NOT go against it.  Your inner spirit (Holy Spirit leading) hears and knows.  The more you ignore the promptings of your heart, the more calloused and hard you become; thus not hearing and missing out.  

Don’t ask others whether you should do what’s on your heart or not.  The heart is between you and God.  If it’s on your heart, Do it. Keep your heart clear and God will be pleased with you.

God asks us to DO what we KNOW and WALK in the LIGHT that we have.  Nothing more and nothing less.  

God is not through with me yet.  He has other things for us to do.  He is revealing them to our hearts.  We need to HEAR Him and be ready to DO.

No “yah-buts  I did ...” or “I can’t ...”
All God needs is your heart to be willing, say Yes and DO ... He does the rest once we take the step.  

It’s not difficult.  It’s not to late.

Tell God you are ready and willing and mean it.  He knows your heart and your past better than you do.  If He says He wants you ... He DOES!!!

Thanks for joining me today on my Bible Essence journey.  You’re welcome to join me on the journey or in any of our classes or groups.  Caring is Sharing! 

We are Standing The Gap from where you ARE, to where you CAN and WANT to Be! 

Be blessed! 

PS:  Ponder Point Follow Up - So what’s your time tithe  look like?  We’d love to hear your creative or not so creative ideas and ways.