But ... what’s your limit?

But ... what’s your limit?

After seeking my steps for my day, this post by Jesse Duplantis came before my eyes.

Talk about getting popped on the back of the head.  (Did your grandma or dad every do that to you when you were growing up to get you thinking a d moving? 🤗)

Well, friend, it still happens ... at least in my life.  

I have people laid on my heart to reach out to, to connect with, to speak life and encouragement to, to offer a hand up, to share an opportunity or two ... and I say, yes I will contact them.  And then life happens and controls my time and energy instead of me controlling my time and energy.  

I coach others about this while I’m also improving and coaching myself.  

With every BUT I use or start a sentence (excuse) with ... I always find a limiting belief from my past (some distant and some not so distant, i mean like  so fresh it still reeks of the essence!) that is behind my holding back or choice of failing instead of moving forward.  

Talk about accountability ... 3 little letters ... heap load piles of accountability! 

Here’s Jesse’s words that are speaking to me this morning.  Thanks Jesse! 


 Life isn’t about standing still; it is about moving forward. With God you really are either moving ahead or falling behind. If you want to move ahead with God in your life and receive His best, you’ve got to give up your “but...”! You must allow God to purge you of past fruit—whatever or whoever that may be!

Yesterday’s fruit isn’t the focus anymore. Today and tomorrow are what’s important. Take a minute and go read what  Philippians 3:13-14 says about it.


So let’s get moving! 

Share below or in my chat groups where you are choosing and putting action into no longer being blocked and putting action into moving forward? 

If you’re led to connect with me today ... then your on my schedule, I’m waiting to encourage and bless you!  

No more BUTS! 

Tobias versus the vacuum

Oh my greatness!  This dog keeps bringing me the best laughter and joy as well as some pretty spot on insights.  Who knew a dog's life could be so insightful!

My heart was drawn in two separate directions. I didn't know whether to put Valor on the dog or Peace and Calming or Stress Away.  

What things in your life have you been running from in fear? 
What things spark fear in your but your desire to overcome for a better cause triumphs?

#DogsLife #Tobias #LifeLessons #MichellesDailyInsights

Tobias and Mac n Cheese Insight

Who knew the things you can learn from a dog's life!?!?!  
This abused puppy that came into our life has brought us so much joy and insight.  
Enjoy as I share my insight that I got from "silent" mac n cheese!

#DogsLife #LifeLessons #MichellesDailyInsights #Tobias #AreYouListening

Adult Snow Day Insights - Choose NO Regrets

Adult Snow Day insights - being real.  Sharing from real life experience to educate and ponder how to do it better next time.  If I can help even one person live at a fuller level and avoid creating a regret in life then we are both blessed.  

Choose Joy when you are given a precious gift of spontaneous “snow day”. Live it fully and love well.

Insights from the Dough

Insights from the Dough
Thought last night was about encouraging and spending time with one of our sons ... and then there was dough ...  oh the things that come up from within and ignite in my mind just from a visual. 

Does this happen to you too?

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