Tobias versus the vacuum

Oh my greatness!  This dog keeps bringing me the best laughter and joy as well as some pretty spot on insights.  Who knew a dog's life could be so insightful!

My heart was drawn in two separate directions. I didn't know whether to put Valor on the dog or Peace and Calming or Stress Away.  

What things in your life have you been running from in fear? 
What things spark fear in your but your desire to overcome for a better cause triumphs?

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Tobias and Mac n Cheese Insight

Who knew the things you can learn from a dog's life!?!?!  
This abused puppy that came into our life has brought us so much joy and insight.  
Enjoy as I share my insight that I got from "silent" mac n cheese!

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Adult Snow Day Insights - Choose NO Regrets

Adult Snow Day insights - being real.  Sharing from real life experience to educate and ponder how to do it better next time.  If I can help even one person live at a fuller level and avoid creating a regret in life then we are both blessed.  

Choose Joy when you are given a precious gift of spontaneous “snow day”. Live it fully and love well.

Insights from the Dough

Insights from the Dough
Thought last night was about encouraging and spending time with one of our sons ... and then there was dough ...  oh the things that come up from within and ignite in my mind just from a visual. 

Does this happen to you too?

Easy or Hard to Spot?

Today’s Insight from our out and about a.  Here’s the link to my video: 

 It’s that time of year and I’m  thankful we were sporting our Stress Away Essential oil as it makes it so much more easier to be kind and love all the bah hum bugs and grinches that are out on this snow day.  

Share below ... are you Easy or Hard to Spot? 

Be Blessed! 
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