Trivia Education!

Today’s Trivia Education:  

What’s one of the things the following items have in common?

Helichrysum, Peppermint, Sacred Frankincense, Frankincense, Eucalyptus Blue, Vetiver, Idaho Balsam Fir, Copaiba,Dorado Azul, Palo Santo, Idaho Blue Spruce, Pine, Cypress, PanAway, Relieve It, Deep Relief, Cool Azul essential oils and Sulfurzyme, MegaCal, BLM, Agilease, Ortho Ease and Ortho Sport massage oils

(Hum or Sing “The Jeopardy” theme  song here for me please  ... I know, your welcome, ... now the song is in your head!  😁)

Ready for Today’s Trivia Education answer?

As we  know, with essential oils and oil infused products, they aren’t just for one specific thing.  This makes them a must to have in your Natural First Response Healthy Toolbox!  Their multi use makes them even more cost effective.  

However for today, we are looking for the answer ... 

Bone support!  

Did you know?  ...

(If you read your Desk Reference then I know I’ll here a yes here ... but can you tell me what Edition and Page(s) you find it on?)

... one of the most effective essential oils for blocking discomfort is Helichrysum.

... a 1994 study shows Peppermint is extremely effective in blocking calcium channels and substance P, important factors in transmission of pain signals.

... these essential oils each have unique discomfort relieving prosperities.  (Hint: look at the emotional side of the oil and see which works best for you where you are at the specific moment.)

...Sulfurzyme, and excellent source of  MSM which is a source of organic sulfur, is extremely effective for alleviating discomfort, especially in the tissue and joints.  

... Regenolone moisturizing cream was designed for people who have severe challenges with inflammation and stiffness from various muscle and joint support needs.  The pregnenolone synergy effect combined with other natural and essential oil components provides unmatched blunt support with all types of muscle and skeletal discomforts.  

Who’s used the Regenolone moisturizing cream?  Share your health building story below! 

Got a bone  challenge? Check out these products until you find what fits your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life balance needs.  But wait! There’s even more great products! Thus no excuse to give up until you find what supports your health journey best.  

Thanks for joining us for today’s Trivia component!!!

Connect with our Associates.  We adore supporting and cheering you on in your healthy life balancing journey!  

We are Standing The Gap from where you Are to where you Can and want to Be!

Be Blessed!

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O ChristmasTree O Christmas Tree It’s not just a song it’s Emotional Support!

O ChristmasTree O Christmas Tree It’s not just a song it’s  Emotional Support!

O Christmas tree blend, o Christmas tree blend
How lovely is thy essence
O Christmas tree blend, o Christmas tree blend
How lovely is thy essence ..

🌲You shift Disrespect into RESPECT
🌲Ridiculed into HONORED
🌲Irritation into BLISS
🌲Phony into from the heart REAL
🌲Dizzy into DIRECTED
🌲Worthless into APPROVAL

Let us all remember
In our gift giving and our merriment
With our family and friends and loved ones
The real and true meaning of Christmas
The birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
Our trust in God unchangedly.

Our heart and passion is for targeted at balance in every aspect of life.  Schedule your free consultation with one of our qualified Associates today! 

Join us on our journey to be the best us we can be! The more the merrier!  Check out our classes and online events.

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Welcome to my Day!  
Today is all about Reflections as we prepare to go with our Christian Motorcycle Association group to Christmas Carol at a nursing home.  
My thoughts have been all over today as memories of past caroling events and Christmas celebrations with loved ones (and those when all alone) and present and the future celebrations to come ... thus, my emotions have been stretched.  
My heart, as I pray for the Nursing home residents, is heavy with love for those I have not met yet.  
I ponder:  
❤️Do they have friends and family near? 
💚Have they outlived all their family and friends? 
❤️Are they filled with happy memories?
💚Are they burdened with regrets? 
❤️Will they get a Christmas blessing in form of a gift or card? 
So I’m choosing to set aside my business and personal plans for today and make Christmas cards filled with love to pass out this evening as we carol so I know they have a reminder that they are LOVED during this Season.  
Diffusing the Reflections blend to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually transform the...
🥊Adrenal Exhaustion into STRENGTH
🥊Dizzy Busy into DIRECTION
🥊Worthlessness into APPROVAL
🥊Forget You attitude into DETACHED EMPOWERMENT
🥊Not wanting to be here into GRATEFUL TO BE ALIVE
I am forever grateful and blessed to have a Life Giving Toolbox that always has the perfect support for where I am being stretched and grown each day.  
What are you purposefully doing today to support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health so that you can Live your Life Purpose Fully, Blessings others and Being Blessed? 
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