Educational Moment: Febreeze - To Use or NOT to Use?
Educational Awareness Moment:  

Only 3 chemicals on the label.
What they choose NOT to show are the 80+
chemicals inside. Mostly toxins!👇

Via Cancer Cures From Heaven:

87 Chemicals Found in Febreze

The first thing that is really important to understand: the product does not remove odor molecules and it doesn't clean the item it comes into contact with.

The odor molecules are still there. Your nose just can't perceive them because you smell the chemical product instead.

That alone should be your first warning. We know inhalation of any chemicals is dangerous, and several of its ingredients listed below are known to irritate the lungs...but this is a chemical whose entire purpose is to be inhaled!

Unfortunately there is not much data being shared on Febreze and their many products, but the Environmental Working Group (EWG) did conduct a test for the ingredients of one of their products, Febreze Air Effects.

Shockingly, P&G only disclosed THREE ingredients in this product, but the EWG...they found 87 chemicals in total!

Now this is just one Febreze product, but the fact that only 3 ingredients were disclosed and that so many undisclosed ingredients are dangerous, it's safe to assume that their other air freshners are just as dangerous.

Febreze Ingredients

Below you'll find a list of just some of the 87 chemicals found by the EWG in Febreze Air Effects, listed in order of their toxicity to humans:

BHT - Known as a neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor, immunotoxicity, non-reproductive organ system toxicity, skin eye and lung irritator

Acetaldehyde - Known to cause cancer, toxic to reproduction and development, immunotoxin, non-reproductive organ system toxin, skin, eye and lung irritator

"Fragrance" - One of the three ingredients actually disclosed, it's a neurotoxin, immunotoxin and allergen

Propylene Glycol - Linked to cause cancer, allergies, toxic to immune system, accumulates in the system, non-reproductive organ system toxin, is classified with "enhanced skin absorption" and irritates the skin, eye and lung

1,3-Dichloro-2-propanol - Carcinogenic (linked to causing cancer)

Limonene - Allergen, immunotoxin and skin, eyes and lung irritant

Methyl pyrrolidone - Toxin to reproduction and development, allergen and immunotoxin, non-reproductive organ system toxin and skin, eyes and lung irritator

Alcohol denatured - Also disclosed in the ingredients of Febreeze, it's linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, organ system toxicity and skin, eyes and lung irritant

Butylphenyl methylpropion al - allergen, immunotoxin and and skin, eyes and lung irritant

Ethyl acetate - linked to developmental/reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, organic system toxicity and and skin, eyes and lung irritant

Geraniol - Linked to allergies, immunotoxicity, organ system toxicity and and skin, eyes and lung irritation

Linalool - allergen, immunotoxin, and and skin, eyes and lung irritant

Benzaldehyde - neurotoxin, and skin, eyes and lung irritant

Diethylene glycol monoethyl ether - non-reproductive organ system toxicity

Ethylhezanol - developmental and reproductive toxin and skin, eyes and lung irritant

Hexyl cinnamal - allergen, immunotoxin and skin, eyes and lung irritant
And way too many more..😢🤦‍♂️

(Thanks to friend and fellow associate, Steve Wilson, for sharing with us.)

So the ultimate question ... 
Do you choose to use or Not to use?

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